Thursday, September 4, 2014

From Sydney

This week was soooo long! It is some times stinky to hang out with a grumpy person all week. But we saw many miracles. And it like resulted all on Sunday. We decided that we just really needed to go out on Sunday, and get our investigators to church. So we tried our little hardest, and knocked on their doors before church. No one wanted to come, so we walked back to church. We sat down, and our member Sister Beenfield came up to us, and said: I called Felicia and she said you were going to give her and her mom a ride.

We were like say what? So we quickly called Felicia and she said she was waiting for us. We get the member and we vamos out. And as I'm getting in Sister Beenfield's minivan someone touches me on the shoulder, and it is our other investigator Hamid! And I didn't know he was coming. And then Charlie was there, and Diana! So many investigators came to church, and it was just because we put effort, and trusted the Lord to provide. It church was awesome for them. I love MEMBERS! They seriously are the key to helping with missionary work.

And Steve wanted to come to church! He is the Portuguese man that is having daddy issues with his daughter right now. But he went to the wrong church building, because he was supposed to be coming to a baptism with us on Saturday, but he didn't show up. Little stinker. So we had to explain he was going the wrong way on the bus. Haha. He even dressed in his Sunday best. Next week though! 

This week has been interesting. You know when you feel like you are being ignored all the time, and walked on, and controlled. This is how I felt all week. Awwss wells. I have gotten good though at not being angry about it though. I have been a little too honest possibly. But one morning it just got so bad, that I told her that she needed a Priesthood blessing. She didn't want one from the Elders, so I texted President Watkins, even though he was preparing to leave on Saturday (it was Friday (and I pretended to be her. hehe. ). He didn't reply ALL day, and I was so scared that he was just going to leave the mission without responding. But he responded. And we went to give Sister Steg a Priesthood Blessing that Saturday Morning before he was going to leave. And it was an awesome blessing, it was good to say goodbye to the Watkins.

I can't believe they are gone. It is weird. My mission is changing which is odd. But the Mellas are awesome. We met President Mella at the baptism that same Saturday. I was so mad at Steve for not showing up. I was like COME ON STEVE!

President Mella was sad I wasn't a convert from Louisiana. And I think my laugh is really strange because I get strange looks when I laugh. Haha. President Mella is a convert. He was baptized when he was 17. His dad was baptized first in his family. After his dad was baptized, he was asked if he wanted to be baptized too. He said he wanted to know it was true for himself. He found out was true when the Washington Temple had an open house. He kept going and going because of the feeling he received. He could not deny the feeling. His brother was Sister Stegs bishop in College. 

Sister Mella is wonderful too. She served her mission in Japan. She is so cute.

So this week was filled with a lot of emotion. I just felt like a horrible missionary even though I was trying hard. And it is just because I love too much I think. I just love everyone, and it is getting kinda frustrating. Haha. Too much love!!!

I know up there I expressed some feelings I was feeling. But I just want to take a little time to talk about Sister Steg.

She is awesome. Completely and totally amazing. The epitome of a very hard working missionary. She is smart. An incredibly deep thinker. The gospel of Jesus Christ is the very core of soul. It defines her. She is also very passionate. I have never met anyone as passionate as her. She is competitive. Most athletic and buff person ever. She is crazy awesome. I love being her companion. She is hilarious. We laugh all the time. She is such a good friend. And I wish more than anything I could take the things that she is going through on me.

I love the atonement. I love that the Savior died for us so that those things could be lifted. That we could be yoked to him, and he can help carry our burdens. I love that he died for us so that we can repent, and change. Change is the most beautiful gift that I think the world can be given. Who doesn't wish they could change at least one thing about themselves? I want to change all the time. I want to love even more than I already do (I know I was complaining before but I really want to love more. Hhaa.)

Being a missionary is AMAZING! Being around such great people is awesome. I love y'all so much! Write me a letter!! :)

Te amo muito!!
Sister Powell

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