Thursday, September 4, 2014

From Sydney

Oi Familia!

So this girl emailed me the other week. I don't know if I mentioned it in previous emails, but I just want to thank all the people that helped me during my time as a visa waiter. I used your advice in the email I sent her! She just was assigned to Sao Paulo, and she wanted advice on how to prepare. I was like- alrighty than! Let me prepare ya! Here is what I emailed:)

Hi Sister Cordner! I am so exited for your assignment to Sao Paulo! I actually never made it Brazil. I was officially reassigned to California after waiting for 10 months for my Visa. But I think the biggest thing you can do now to prepare for your mission if you are waiting in the States or if you get officially reassigned or if you go straight to Brazil, is remember to trust and love God completely and totally. Remember that you weren't called to Sao Paulo, but you were called to serve The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, you were only assigned to Brasil. You are representing Heavenly Father and His Son where ever you are. You call letter says: your assignment may change to the need of your Mission President. Your ultimate mission President is your Heavenly Father, who loves you very much. And he will change words on a piece of paper, and put you in the place that you need. He will give you the people you need- Mission President, Companions, investigators, members, and everyone. There is no unanswered prayers but only correct answers. God knows what he is doing. Trust Him. And love your mission no matter what. 

Don't pack to much, don't worry about gaining weight, bring pictures of your family, and bring your testimony! I hope this helped you in some way:)

De nada!

Sister Powell

I just love the things I have learned. The advice and love you have all given me on my mission has been in my heart. And I just love that I have been able to share that advice to others. I hope I didn't scare her. Haha. I hope you gets her Visa, and now she is on my prayer roll this week.

Sister Corbitt! You should email her: Kenzie Cordner. Light her up with hope! Haha.

We have a new investigator this week! Her name is Diana. She speaks barely any english! We are teaching her. I am so grateful for the MTC for teaching me how to learn a language so I can help her. We go on little field trips around the church building and I make her say random things in English. We taught her how to introduce her self: Hi! I am Diana. I am from Africa. And I am a Child of God:)

This week has been interesting. It is always interesting. I have learned that companions all have their different struggles. I have been good at adapting on my mission to my many companions. This week we went on an exchange with are STLs. And I was in a different area with Sister Card. Her teaching is a lot like mine, and she reminds me a lot of myself. And it was really easy to adapt really quickly. And then I went back to my area, and it was really hard for some reason to adapt back. Everything about Sister Steg was standing out to me. It was so frustrating. She has gone through a lot on her mission. She has gone through something that happened to me a long time ago. And she is on her control and anger part of grieving. And I get to be there! Haha. But I am so glad she is here, and not home. It's the worst to try to control your family. So I was just grouchy. And I wasn't being fair to her. So I talked to her, and we cried. Honesty and communication is so great. I have learned that a lot on my mission. Because if you bottle something in your brain, Satan can manipulate it, and change it. And he is really good at doing that. So addressing it right away is so great. So great.

I looked back on my mission. For some reason, I thought I would have a lot of regrets. How few baptisms I have, being transferred a lot, certain ways I treated my companions, sometimes praying for that stinking Visa, car wrecks, and much more. But I don't regret anything. I am so proud of my mission. Extremely proud. And than I had a strange thought that I could die right now, and I would be so pleased. And I realized that I have a Savior. And with Him, I don't have to take anything back, I can just move forward and he will fill the gap. I have repented. And I am proud. And then I thought, I don't want to die. Haha. I want to get married (in ten years) I want to graduate college! I want to write a book! I want to serve 10 more missions! I want to serve my Heavenly even more. SO AWESOME! I have so much good to do! 

I had a Zone Leader who once told me that hell is when the person you are meets the person that you could have been. And I thought about that some. And I thought about Justice. And then I thought about judgment day. Haha (personal study). And I saw this image in my head. I saw Heavenly Father, and he is the judge. A judge is a person who has been authorized to judge someone for what they are. And I thought about the times that I have judged, but we have been commanded to judge righteously, so we are the jury. The jury can only make a decision about someone based on solid evidence. And then I thought about Jesus Christ. He is our lawyer. A lawyer is someone who has studied the law and is capable and has that authority to either defend or prosicute someone. 

Jesus Christ has that authority. He has lived every single moment of our lives. And than I thought of the person I am capable of becoming. And we all have the capacity to become Christlike or like him. So I imagined me at judgement day, walking towards my Heavenly and seeing my Savior, and think hell is when the person I am meets the person I could have been. And made me want to be so much better. haha. It made me want to be more like him. Because even though I am proud of who I am right now, I can always be a better me tomorrow.

This week, though it was interesting, it was filled with miracles. It was filled with talking to people and making their day. Yesterday, I contacted a woman and she looked at the picture I gave her, and said: "Is this for me? This is beautiful." "Yep it is!" "God bless you!" 

And she walked away cradling the Savior in her hands. Talk to everyone! They need you. They need to know that the Savior is cradling them in his hands. He loves everyone. I love y'all so much!!

Te amo muito!
Sister Powell

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