Tuesday, September 23, 2014

From Sydney

I spent like so long not sleeping. I was in pain. I can't describe how hard it was just to stay awake during the day. I was working so hard, but apparently the light just was out in my eyes. Every just kept saying I looked terrival. I was like: my bad.

When I finally got to sleep, it was of horrible things. Like dreams I had when I was in the MTC. Things I had no idea why I was dreaming, and things I used to do that I am not to terribly proud of.

Monday we were emailing and this woman named Illysa called. She said she wanted to learn more about the church, but she had to call us back because it was a bad time. So she hung up. And then we spent the rest of the day doing the normal. The next day we had interviews with President Mella. Sister Stevenson was first up for the interview after we rock paper siczored it. I sat there waiting. Contemplating what the odds were if I hid, if they would ever find me. Haha. I would never have to go home! But then the phone rang, and it was Illysa. I started talking to her, and then she got flirty with me and I was like...uhhh. Girl friend kinda estrango. So she did the same I have to hang up right now thing, and she hung up. And then it was my turn for interviews.

President Mella is a very loving man. He is more emotional than structured. He is a terrible lair too. Haha. He showed me my "life". It was a pretty impressive life. I have never seen so many companions in or areas. It was pretty funny. And then he asked me who was my trainer, and I said I wasn't trained. And then he was like so you came into the mission pretrained? And was like: yep. And then he was like: did you come from a different mission. And I was like: you already know the answer to this I see the notes you have on me right there next to your pen: Visa Waiter. But I went a long with it. I told him I was a Visa Waiter, and I didn't say what mission. Then he asked me about my family, and I explained that Alex was in Brazil. And he was like why didn't you make it to Brazil! (how many times can you say like in a paragraph..like.like.like.like.like:))

The man blew his cover just like Abinidi. Ah well. I told him because the Lord wanted me to be here. And then we talked about other things. I talked about my lack of sleeping. And I told him what the dreams were about. And it was really nice to talk about it out loud. I was just crying like a baby. Go figure. 

He told me that Satan really doesn't like Missionaries. He uses anything against them. 

And he has been. Satan has been giving me really low blows lately. I really don't care for him.

After that we saw Thevamani. She is so cute. She prayed about the Book of Mormon. 

And you know, it was another week that no one was home, but there was always some one that was their neighbor outside to teach. I love teaching people on the streets. It is so awesome to learn stories.

The next day, Illysa called like every hour. She answered to the phone to Sister Stevenson as Princess Isabelle. And later, after she kept asking for me and calling me sweetie, she called herself Gisabelle, and coughed like Gollum. I was like: Girl friend is a little creepy. 

I think she got the hint though, because she hasn't called back. Know idea how she got our number though.

We had a lesson with Kim this week too. She is getting baptized this Saturday. She is still struggling with smoking. So keep her in your prayers! But Sister Stevenson is just so awesome! She just promised her blessings left and right.

We found Rosalie! She was in the hospital. But she is okay and still alive! For now. Keep her in your prayers too!

On Sunday, came to church again! I love when every member in the family comes to church.

I love you. I know this church is true. It would be so hard if it wasn't. This work and God's purpose. It super hard, and he has put a lot of trust in such lazy things. Haha. I decided after Sister Zidek and Sister Livingston sent me cards in the mail (2090 Southwest Expressway #90 San Jose, CA 95126 for Aunt Carrie:)) and both urged me to get a blessing, that I really needed to get one. I got one from Elder Barlow. I was invited to pray before it, and I just couldn't finish the prayer because I was crying so hard. And then Sister Stevenson came to finish the prayer for me, and then she started crying, and then Elder Barlow was crying, and newbie Elder Farley was like...what's going on. Haha.

And it was so nice to hear Heavenly Father. He told me that my mission was hard, and I had gone through a lot of trials, but he was proud of the way I handled it. And it was interesting because he also talked about a scripture I studied really hard when I was transferred from El Camino. It was about Jesus Christ, and how He was sad to leave his friends and this Earth. But we need to make sacrifices. He made sacrifices. I am so grateful for the Priesthood. And I am excited to go home (not really) but be the best missionary I can possibly be. 

I saw my Yuerba Buena Bishop! I saw his wife first and she didn't recognize me at first. And then he came out, and he was like Hermana! And started to speak really fast in Spanish...yeah. But I explained to them that I served in their ward for only 5 days. They recognized me immediately when I said that I was the one that started bearing my testimony in Portuguese. She was so excited: "I translated for you!"

I love my mission. I love being Sister Powell. I love this work. I love my Heavenly Father! Feed the missionaries! And feed them Salads:)

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