Thursday, September 4, 2014

From Alex

So next week I will email the normal time :) But we wanted to know where the cheaper and faster email is! haha
There is a quote that I love it says "The Lord needs you on a mission but perhaps even more important you need a mission for yourself.It is there you feel and understand the lessons you need to be a good husband or wife, a good parent, and an outstanding member of the church."
You guys I realized something yesterday!! I am going to be an AWESOME member! hahaha (not to be prideful of anything) Its just because I know how too! I know how to be a visiting teacher, I know how the church runs and it really is all thanks to NYC! Thank you New York :) Yesterday was the 1st time I went to a leadership meeting in brazil! (I cant remember what that is called in english, or in port.) hahaBut I gave them so many ideas! I told them anout Vision, Goals, and plans. I told them how we should have a focus family! I told them that we should make baptism and reactivation goals together and it blew their minds. haha They were so excited! This really is the step to working together. It makes me so happy inside! I feel like I am helping now. We are also making a good doc to help themknow what we are doing. To let them know who is less active and who lives where. It is such a miracle! I am so grateful for my time in NYC;
So yeah, I am a little excited. haha
Updates on Rodrigas- We cant find him... But I think he is traveling.
We had an awesome week! We had a zone conference with our new mission president. I. LOVE. HIM!!! He is an answer to my prayers for this mission. His name is President Lisonbee and him and his wife are the cutest things. I wish I had more time with them! I just know miracles will happen here! I had a good long talk with him and he said that the church made a new rule where missionaries have to start teaching ALL 5 lessons before baptism. And he said he is going to make us do this because we will be a PMG mission :) Which makes my heart sing. He kept on making me do things in front of everyone. haha which normally doesnt make me nervous but i dont like talkingin front of huge crowds in port. Oh well :) He totally has the churchs new vision about missionary work! He kept on talking about how the temple is the goal :) Miracle!
But really our week was good! Everything happened that needed to happen! We saw people we needed to see and we followed the spirit! We went to a wedding and sang 1000 years. Haha we skooped water out of the baptismal font because it wasnt draining and helped the sisters have a wonderful baptism for someone who has been waiting for a year to be baptised!! The baptism had such a strong spirit!! And it was a PMG baptism :)
Everyone pray we talk to rodrigas!
Miracles are going to happen this week!!
Keep on smiling!
Sister Powell

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