Thursday, September 4, 2014

From Sydney

I am pretty positive me and Satan weren't very good friends in the Pre-existence.
This week was amazing and yet kinda hard. We were just bombarbed with things over and over and over. After that earthquake that yes I felt, everyone just acted really strange.
On Monday, we went to dinner at the West's, and it started with her forgetting about us, and refusing to let us leave, so cooking us dinner right then. And then it went on with Brother West talking on and on about good old Isaiah. Which is totally cool by the way. But I was sitting there, and the hour was approaching, and I wasn't feeling guilty that we hadn't shared a message with them yet, but something was telling me to let him keep talking, but I ignored it because we had an appointment. So we rushed out, and we went to Lincoln where we were meeting her, and she cancelled.
So we decided to contact. And we contacted this guy Micheal who kept warning us to get off. And then people would pass us acting crazy, and stuff telling us that we needed to get off the street. And so we decided to end our lesson with Micheal. Sister Stevenson told me she had been having a bad feeling for about 20 minutes. We walk to our car, and I hear: Run. The devil is behind you. And run keeps going over and over in my head. So we run. I don't make Sister Stevenson back me, I like push her in the car. Haha.
We get in the car and Sister Stevenson tells me she had been hearing in her head that we should run because the devil was behind us. And our week was pretty much like that. And our car broke down, and we just had bad feelings all week. People were just acting strange.
On a brighter note, I also felt the spirit alot this week too. I love testifying of truth. When you testify, the spirit fills your mouth with words and with courage. He confirms with a sweet feeling that what you are saying is true.
I felt it when I felt like I needed to go contacting, and we contacted a less active.
I felt it at church when talking about the potential of our investigators with the Ward Council.
I feel the spirit everytime I pray.
I feel it when I find a scripture just for me.
And OH MY GOSH!! The coolest experience ever. We were teaching Thevamani who barely knows english. We were going to teach her about the Apostacy, and we were we going to do that? So we decided when we got in there to make sure she read the Book of Mormon than we were just going to follow up, and make her read the intro if she hadn't. So we did that, and Sister Stevenson committed her to do it in the week by herself. A verse or two. So she flips open the Book of Mormon by in her language, and just starts reading. We are like: what's she reading? and praying the whole time that it is something she will understand and NOT Jacob 5 cause we would be sitting there forever.
She finishes and says she read 2 Nephi 27 (she says Nephi perfectly). And guess what it is about. THE APOSTACY!! Heavens bells were ringing everywhere. And she understood it! It was a miracle.
We saw so many miracles this week. We have so many potential investigators because of the work of the awesome missionaries in San Jose. I love this mission. I love this work. I love being a servant of the Lord.
And I am on the stinkiest computer ever. It keeps freezing so I have a feeling this email will be very short.  haha.
This church is so true! I know Jesus is the Christ. I have had so many things happen on my mission that testified of that to me. I love being a missionary. I love you so much!
Sister Powell

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