Tuesday, September 23, 2014

From Alex--Her Last Email

Well its time. Its time to say goodbye to the best 18 months for my life what a rollercoster of 18 months it has been. From the MTC to NYC to Brazil. My mission has been full of laughter, boldness, miracles, heartbreaks, but over all love :) Iy has been literally the fastest months of my life. I feel like it started yesterday and now like a dream its over.
Ive always wanted to be a missionary. People always ask "Why did you decide to serve a mission?" I never know what to say. haha I always knew that God wanted me too and I always knew I would. I knew that God loved me and I loved Him so I went. It was the easiest decision I have ever made and the only thing I have been sure of. Te be a missionary is easy for me. I love it more then anything. I am so thankful for you guys who made it possible.
You already know that my mission has been completely different then I have ever imagined. I was sure I would go straight to Brazil. And then it didnt happen. But then I went to the MTC in Provo where I now know I needed to be. There I learned that I wanted to give my will to God, which started my theme for my mission. I am still learning to give my whole self to God. My will was to come straight here. But God He had a plan and sent me to NYC. Where I learned the importance of obedience, love, patience, and endurance (plus many more things) I learned to be a missionary and to be a member. I loved every part of NYC. I loved Jamaica, Richmond HIll, the missionaries, the members, and the spirit there. The only hard part about my time there was learning to trust God.
Then I found out that I had my Visa my whole mission and went to Brazil. To which I had to us everything I learned in NYC. I learned here to put boldness to action, that I love PMG and I am a preach my gospel missionary, and to always follow God even when its hard. I have failed here but I have learned I can be strong as well and really trust God and just go with HIs will. I had so much fun in Brazil. I love every moment here as well. I can honestly say I love this mission. I love brazil. I love the people here, I love the food, and really words cant describe it. I feel God´s love for this country. And I am leaving a part of my heart here. I will miss it so much.
My mission was the best mission for me. The NYNY Sth, Brazil Salvador Mission. It was a mission made for me. I can tell you that I know God´s will is the best. His timing and His ways are different then ours and all we have to do is trust. Trust Him and give our Life to Him. God knew my mission from the beginning to the end. He knew how my mission would be, He knew what I needed. My mission was a mission. haha Missions are never easy. They change you if you let it and it hurts to change. But its the best accomplishment in the world. I am not the same and I never will be. I am forever changed and forever changing. If people looked at the outward success of my mission they would probably think it was a failure. haha And to be honest it has been hard for me to work so hard and give my all without seeing a lot of the results. But I know that numbers are not success and my mission was a miracle and had miracles. Even it may seem one of the only converts was myself. But in the end that is one of the most important things bc I will continue on. In the words of President Calderwood "You never die from your mission." Its true if you do, you wasted months of you life. And I wont. I will give my life to God. I have learned that God has a plan for me. I will follow it. I continue to be a missionary. I will always remember that the members are the key and are as well missionaries. :)
This will not be the best 18 months of my life. God has more in store and I am excited to see what it is bc I have noooo idea what I will do. hahaha But I know it will be awesome bc I know that I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ that has the fulness of the Gospel and the Priesthood authority. We have prophets,  we have direction, and through the standards we can have happiness. So of course my llife will be awesome! I have the Gospel and God with me.
Well Ill see you friday. I will be the Exotic looking missionary ;) I will probably look lost and emotional. hahaha Oh and I expect good food.
Always remember that faith is always pointed towards the future... The BEST is yet to be.
Sister Powell

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