Monday, October 31, 2011

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Training once again

From: McKenzie Powell [] Sent: Monday, October 31, 2011 7:37 AM To: Kevin Powell; Mom; Sydney; Alex Subject: Training once again Goodness another transfer is over. And let me say, it was the transfer that I most needed. Sister Michelotto became one of my bestest friends, and we learned so much while having a blast. I am sad that it is over. Oh and I am going to train. Training lasts two transfers, so I will train and then only have one transfer left. Crazy huh? She is american too. I am more then a litte nervous. I have been blessed to learn the language quickly, but I still have a whole lot of improving to do. My accent is a mixture of southern USA and a little of Bahia...haha. But it will be great and I willl learn a whole certeza. I always learn so much while training. I love it. It is always such a big responsibility to train. You feel that responsibility as well. But it helps to know that Heavenly Father trusts you enough to teach someone else how to serve as His servant. Sad news...Senhor Pedro was soooo sick this week that we had to push back his baptism. I was so worried about him. He always has such a big smile, but this week he was out of it and it showed. The elders came and gave him the most powerful blessing. He was blessed with health and with the strength to live many more years so that he could bring many onto Christ if he lived the commandments. 94 years old and still going. haha. I just love that man and know that he will do so many good things. I want so much to see him baptized this next transfer. Oh and I heard this week that the dad of a family that I taught in Vila Velha was baptized. I cant tell you how happy that made me. I cant wait til they go through the temple. That just makes everything all the worth it. IT IS SOOOOO HOT. I completely understand why people walk around this place half naked. I am tempted to do it myself, but luckily my name tag is always a constant reminder to behave myself...but the the awful tan line I have helps a bit too. I just love the tan lines on my feet. It is the best part. The other sisters change sandals daily so to avoid the tan lines, but I am trying to live up to the legend of Sister Morales. I most likely wont be able to beat her, seeing that she had a few more months than me and a bit more melatonin in her skin, but we will see how it goes. Well I should go. I love you all. I miss you tons. I am so grateful for each and every one of you. LOVE, Sister Powell

Monday, October 24, 2011


From: McKenzie Powell [] Sent: Monday, October 24, 2011 8:49 AM To: Kevin Powell; Mom; Sydney; Alex Subject: Soooo much happens everyweek. It is hard to decide what I want to say. First of all! Edilene was married and baptized. I have so many pictures. The judge did NOT LIKE ME. haha. I took a picture of his face as proof. I asked Edilene to kiss her husband again so to get a picture, and when he heard me he about ripped my head off. So funny. I just feigned that I didnt speak portuguese. All went well. Sister Michelotto threw up 20 times on the Road Monday (after watching a movie in the casa de Presidente)! Yes I counted. It was pretty impressive. She is having major headaches and really needs to go to the doctor if they keep up. Keep her in your prayers. Our other roommate is having major health problems as well. Her face is having an allergic reaction to the sun. It looks awful. I dont know what they will do with her. I am just so thankful that my mission has been such smooth sailing when it has come to health...knock on wood. Senhor Pedro will be baptized this week! I just love him so much. He is 94 years old and was the founder of the Presbyterian Church here in Vitoria Brazil. We found him a few weeks back and he listened to our message out of curiosity. Turns out that his great-grandson is a missionary for our Church as well. He said that he felt something different in that first message and told us that he would honestly pray about our message. He has been studying the Book of Mormon and was taking the steps in Moronis promise very seriously for the past few weeks. He received his answer about a week ago but didnt want to say anything. We knew. Thursday I looked at him and asked him, why was a man with such faith in his religion still listening to our messages. He was silent. Then Sister Michelotto looked at him and told him that she knew that he had his answer, and God knew too. Haha. We went back the next day with the assistents to teach a lesson about the priesthood. It was a lesson of many results. First and most of all, Senhor Pedro decided to be baptized. I felt the spirit stronger than I have ever have as a missionary. I realized that those 20 year old boys were such better missionaries that I was. And I fell in love with both of them....haha just kidding. But not really. Seriously, it was the best lesson I have ever seen. They didnt say anything profound, but they brought a spirit that was so strong that you couldnt help but know that everything they said was true. I so need to be a better missionary. Good thing I still have some time to step up my game. Love yall soooooo much! Sister POwell

Happy birthday to me two months early

From: McKenzie Powell [] Sent: Monday, October 17, 2011 8:46 AM To: Kevin Powell; Mom; Sydney; Alex Subject: Happy birthday to me two months early Thanks for the birthday package. I was really surprised when President handed me a package at conference, and was even more surprised to see that it was a birthday package. haha. I thought about setting it aside and opening it up on December third, but when I saw all the things that I have been needing in it that thought quickly left my mind. But thank you so much for the birthday gifts! My roommates were so fascinated with all the things that I ended up giving about half of the hair supplies away. Yall made four Sisteres very happy. I had my interview with President this week. I love him. He is so funny and so relaxed. So different than any other president I have had. I tried to avoid all topics that would lead to talking about after the mission, but he was quicker than I was. He asked me to write all my goals down, and told me that in ten years he would be calling me to make sure that I reached all of them. THe sweet thing was, I know he is serious. It was a good interview. I was really able to see how much what I am learning here is going to help me in life after the mission. We talked about all sorts of things, and I think I have figured a lot of things out. God really has helped me sort out alot of things without really even noticing it. I know longer want the same things for myself. While on a mission, and focusing on things other than my self, God has helped me see what I should do with my life. He has placed people in my life that will forever be in it. And he has helped me forget about things I never thought I would. A mission was the best thing I could do with my life. I told President that I would stay here forever if they would let me, but I really am excited for the things that will come after. But the best thing he told me was that my Heavenly Father was extremely happy and content with the work that I had been doing here. That was answer to my prayer. BUT I also realized that there is still soooo much to learn here. AND I am so thankful that I have Four months and a couple weeks to do it. I love being a missionary. Oh, and get this. Want to know one of the reasons my visa took so long to get to me? Take a guess? MY NAME. Brazil was so worried about my middle name that the church had to pay the government extra money to let me in. Seems that "K" cannot be real name and has to stand for something. A man from the church headquaters was in the office when I went to be interviewed. Funny thing was that I didnt even notice that he was speaking to me in English until sister Michelotto told me later. She asked me why I responded to him in portuguese, and I told her because he was Brazilian and was speaking to me in portuguese. Rian was baptized this week, and Edilene will be baptized after her wedding thursday. I love weddings and I love baptisms. It will be a great week. LOVE YOU! THANKS FOR EVERYTHING YALL DO! lOVE SISTer powell

pictures from 10/10/11

Monday, October 10, 2011

This week just flew by. I am still loving this transfer. Sister Michelotto is the funniest person I have ever met. She makes everyday the funnest. Sure she takes about two hours to get ready everyday and is the least punctual person I have ever met, but she works hard and she makes working fun. I just love her. I love being a missionary. It is just the greatest. There is just always so much to learn. THis week we were working with an investigator and preparing him for his baptism. I was reading the questions that the elder would ask in his interview when we discovered that he struggled with homosexuality. It was a first for me while on the mission. We had to leave soon after but we told him that we would talk to him the next day. The lesson with him was one of the best of my mission. I was so nervous, but I realized that my nervousness was selfish. I prayed and taught the Law of Chasity as I would any other investigator and then invited him to live it. He looked at me and told me that he didnt think that would be possible. I thought for a moment, secretly hoping that Sister Michelotto would say something but it seemed that she was thinking the same, but then I thought about the plan of Salvation. The Plan of our Heavenly Father is perfect, because in it we learn who we are and the potential we have to become, so I talked about that. I talked about what it meant to me to be a daughter of God. The responsibilities and blessings that came with that knowledge. Each and every one of us has the potential to become something incredible, to become like our Heavenly Father. That was the message of His son...he invited us all to become perfect even as our Father which in Heaven is perfect. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the road we all must take to reach our potential, and God has promised that all of us CAN walk that path. Christ showed the way, and through His grace we are given the strength to do those things that seem very much impossible. I told him that I knew that if he wanted, he could live this commandment. Sister Michelotto went on to tell an experience that invited the spirit with a force I dont know if I have ever felt before. The SPIRIT was so strong, and when we left he was determined that he would be able to overcome his feelings and be baptized. How wonderful it is to see people make those changes they must, when they learn who they really are. I love being a missionary. I love sharing those things that mean the most to me. I love all of yaĺl Love, Sister Powell

goodness I have zero time (10/3/11)

What a week. I finally picked my football team. I am offically a corintiano (no idea if that is spelled right...shows you how fiel of a fan I am). But president was so excited that he gave me his Jersey...offical jersey too. It is huge but pretty darn cool. I also asked him if I could stay an extra transfer...his response...You should go home and get married. haha. I did another training, this time about how to study, and this time at President house. It was pretty good if I say so my self...thanks to a lot of help. Conference was amazing. I cried throughout the entire talk of Sister Dalton. I was able to watch it in English with a whole bunch of elders. I love conference. I love life. I dont like where we do emails. haha. But I will be better and write next week! Love yall. THanks for everything Love SISTER POWELL