Thursday, September 4, 2014

From Alex

I can honestly say that I have had the strangest, longest, most spiritual, stressful week of my life. But I am so thankful for the week I had.

It started off as you know with Sister McKenzie being sick. Super sick actually. It also started off with the best lesson that I have ever had on my mission and I totally followed the spirit.

Then it happened (which I can not go into detail) but it kinda sounds like this: Running, rain, mud, falling, trying to find a cell phone to call president, to being told to get Sister McKenzie on a bus and get to Salvador. 

So I did that and it was so scary. I was responsible for her and I love her.

It ended with me spending the whole week in the hospital with her and not sleeping for a week. But I am so thankful I was here to help her. I love her so much and I was really filled with God's love for her.

Yesterday she went home (real home). And today I am so tired. But I get to spend the day with President and Sister Lisonbee. So I am so happy and so thankful. I am so thankful that they are our presidents. I love them and I am so glad I got to know them.

I helped someone this week. I could have possibly helped save her life. And I love her so so much. And I know she might never remember this but I don't want her too. Know one will really ever know what really happened but no one needs too. It was my sacred week. And it might have been the only reason I came to Brazil.

I know God lives. I know His plan is perfect and that He gives us the strength that we need to do all things. Trust him, follow the spirit. It will help you and someone else.

Oh, and I love hospitals and I love helping people.

Sister Powell

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