Tuesday, September 23, 2014

From Alex

Well, I am starting my last week and feel the will to throw up (thats how they say that here) hahaha I can honestly say I am so confused how it is already time to have a last week because I remember my first week like yesterday. I remember leaving the car and saying goodbye. I remember getting my name tag and being so proud. I remember feeling so lost with Sister Mann because we left our schedules in the room. I remember us praying for forgiveness because we slept during workout time. hahahaha And just wanting to be the best missionary ever. Perfect in everyway. hahahaha thats funny now. Even though it feels like yesterday alot has happened between then and now. I feel older. A lot older and actually kinda like its time. Ive learned and will continue learning. I feel like it is time to have this last week and I am going to kill it. hahaha I am so glad that no one can ever say I was a trunky missionary and everyone is going to say sister powell she worked until the end. To tell you the truth I am all packed... haha I am just going home with one suitcase with my books, planners, and 3 dresses. I packed that way I just dont have to worry about it and just be like... OH its time? I guess lets go. and that way I can work and not worry. So I am for sure still Alex. haha
Well this week was good. Valdete and Maria da Gloria wont be getting married this transfer :/ But thats okay! I know that God´s timing is everything and that they will get baptized!! They are still going strong and are excited to start family history work. The ward even gave them responisbilities (I can not remember how to say or spell that word). haha and we are teaching them hymn bc they dont know how to read! It is so fun to see the joy in their eyes. I love them so much.
We taught the family of Andreia this week. We taught the plan of salvation. You guys I am speaking so well. It is so fun because I can be fun when I teach and creative :) I made the lesson super interactive and they learned so well! They didnt go to church :/ but I just know they will this week! Because I will guilt trip the whole world into going! haha
We are really teaching so many wonderful people. I feel so blessed.
Can I tell you something I have learned on my mission. I am very very bold... haha I mean I respect the agency of others but when I do not agree with something I say it. Or when something isnt getting done I get it done. I do not have a fear of calling people to repentence. And its fun. hehe We had a zone meeting this week and the missionaries asked my opinion and I just gave it. After an elder came up to me and said, "You know people respect you bc you are bold but nice and funny about it. And after you say you mind everyone wants to be better." It made me feel better. haha I was kind worried that I was coming off wrong. But its good to know.
It was a good week. Slow bc of the rain and brazilians are scared of rain. But still good :) I know the next one is going to be the best week ever! I am going to give it everything! and invite the world! Be brave! And know I love and pray for you!

Sister Powell

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