Thursday, September 4, 2014

From Alex

Oi lindos! How are you?  My week was interesting to say the least but   fantastic as well! We have had HUGE miracles! This week made me so happy!
So first off Edison didnt end up moving which makes me a little sad but I know that we can think of a way to  help the guy!  And grace didnt move as well.
 Our week really starts off with tuesday we walked and walked  trying     to   run into  less actives or really  anyone but  we didnt. haha ha no one was  in the streets . We did however find an old  folks  home so hopefull y we can  do se rvice there.     But  ou r family home evening made  up for it all! 
wednsday we   had an AWESOME day!   We walked and talked to so many people  and had s o many lessons!   WE had a HUGE miracle on  the way back. We ran in to Rafeal!  He is a man that we fearlessed our first week here and I just felt the spirit so strong with him. and so the next day I was li  k e we have to  go teach hm  today  but we never     got in touch with him. B u t  we did wednsday! and he just  got the restoration perfectly!! It was so awesome! H e  is so p ure in heart!
 Thursday we went to pilar. Which is a city like an half a w ay .   They are a gr oup th ey . A funny s tor y so  we were teaching this lady and the  whole time I thought  she was a less active so I was talk ing abou t how alma saw an angel and all this stuff and a f ter  the membe r to ld us that she was   not a member. hahaha oh well.
 Saturday  we ended up teaching Edivalda and she READ in the  BOM!   That makes me so happy! and we taught rafeal in the rain. haha he was so freezing cold  but  he learned the  sabbath day!

And then he went  to church sunday! YAYYY! And o. .. his name is n o t rafeal its rodrigiz.....  I introdudced   him in priesthood and he went wellll... actually  its rod r igaz. hahaha oops! BUT he loved ch ur ch !  He  s aid he feels like a part of a family! I was so proud of  my   branch ! And they were so excited to see a man! hahaha     
What a miracle! He will be getting b ap t ised at the end of the month!!!!  I lo ve how god m iracles in o u r p ath              :)
 I hate this k e y   b oard.....
 But anyway! I loved this week!  I was so happpy  when a sis ter said that so many people  look up to me here because I am not  mo ved and stand  up for w hat is right.  It made me so ha pp y because hones tly I j us t feel tired. haha She  told me never to change. And  I just know I wont.  I want everyone to   know that I love  God.   I love h im  more then a nything.  I was so sad when a lady gave us a referal this week and then she said she didnt want the family to know it  was her....   It makes me so sad! Share the gospel!!! Dont be ashamed  !  Be bold! We are scared to m uch  about  what they will think b  u t if we  reall  y l ove   the m  we will share the gospel and  even if  they sa y no    th e  y  will st ill want to be our  friends !   This is my only regret thinking that being an example was enough. Part of  b  ei n g an example is opening  your  mo   u th. SO open it and be proud to be a mormon! Do someth ing brave this week! Share the  gospel  and show God you love him.
Sister Powell                                                                                  

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