Monday, September 8, 2014

From Alex

Weeks go by sooooooooooo fast. I dont even know how it is alreadt week 5. It is so crazy. 

This week was really good. We did a lot of look ups this week trying to find the people that the ward knows nothing about and Ill be honest we only found one person. hahaha But he is amazing. His name is Wellington and we found him on saturday. He moved here 15 years ago before the church was here and he was super excited to see us! He has a daughter and a wife. So we are going to work with them, it was a real mirchle.

We walked a lot this week and walked more. We found out lots of people have moved. So we are cutting the list down.

We had some good lessons this week! We were running late tuesday and we almost decided to tell Bruna and Andreia that we would pass by another day. But when we went the Husband was there! So we taught him, while teaching I had the impression that we had to teach him more in a fun way. We did and the spirit was super strong and he opened up to us. He said to come back! I was super sad because they didnt come to church :/

Valdete and Maria da Gloria :) We are finishing up their lessons and hopefully tomorrow we here good news about their papers!! That way they can be married and baptized next week! I would really love to see it. I don't want to sound selfish but it would be an awesome way to finish a mission! I would love to see their smiles on their face :) SO pray real hard right now! haha Not for me but for them.

We are teaching a man named Julho. I don't remember if I already told you guys about him but I talked to him one night and then we went back and he was super receptive. We had a lesson to help him start to read the book of Mormon and earlier he had said he was having a hard time. While he was talking I remember Mosiah 23 and read it to him. It was super powerful. After he told us that he tried to make it big in soccer and he was almost there, but he got into drugs so he had to come home. After he got super involved in his church and is clean but now his fiance doesnt like him. Sad but true. So the scripture was perfect! It is amazing how the spirit works.

This week we decided to do a blitz and bless the peoples homes here. It is funny because people here are exactly like the people in NYC. haha "I cant pray with you. I am catholic." And I just say... Its just a prayer. hahahahaha But we had a good experience! We were singing hymns to a women on here porch and a man on his bike just stopped and listened and asked for more. He then said thank you and that he needed to hear the voice of angels right that minute and kept on going. 

Do you know what I not liked my whoooollle mission. Ward counsel. Well we went sunday and it was really interesting. hahaha But cool thing is they want to visit less actives now! Yay!! But something I get bugged about is when people so how can we help the missionaries. When they asked to hear about our investigators after we told them about them I said I wanted to say a few words and I ended up saying something like this, "I would like to say a few things. First off I want to stop hearing how can we help the missionaries. I was called to serve your ward and help you guys with the missionary work here in your ward. I am leaving here and you guys are staying. I read a talk that said that the members are the keys here. The sisters and I walk day after day inviting people to hear the gospel and it isnt working. Their is a better way and it is you. Each one of you all have friends ready to accept the gospel, be baptized, and be sealed in a year. Love them enough to invite them. We are all missionaries and you guys have more power then the missionaries. Use it. I want to invite you as leaders to invite one friend this week. I know if you guys start our ward will as well. I am leaving in 2 week and I promise you I will do the same. I will be the key." after that no one talked for a while. And then Brother Lucas stood up and said she is right. It needs to change. 

I hope it does. Satan likes to makes us feel comfortable and lazy. He makes us afraid to share the gospel. I will be honest I am so tired of walking streets inviting people. I want to hear one day that brazil has change, that the world has changed that the missionaries are helping the members.. Be brave this week. I always say that. But I havent once (well besides mckenzie, bradyn, and maybe one other person) heard a story about yall sharing the gospel. Sorry if thats harsh... But let my mission have helped you guys help someone elses life be blessed. That would make my mission complete in my eyes. So all you members out there. I want to hear a story next week. Pray and God will help you.

Sister Powell

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