Thursday, September 4, 2014

From Sydney

Jokes. It was a really good week.

Sisters Zidek, Palmer, and Jones are gone:( I am so sad. I didn't cry in front of Sister Palmer, thank goodness. But we were right next to the airport the day she was going home, and just got so sad. Haha. I was like: meh.

We had a really fun time this week. I had a conversation with a man in Spanish, and then he tried to save us. He knelt down in the middle of the street and lifted his hands up and down. It was really awkward. Haha. 

We taught Terrie Ray the restoration! It was amazing and she got rid of her boyfriend...well he was forced to leave. She is actually dressed these days, and her house looks really nice!

We set a baptismal date with Kim. She sat down at the park with us, and said: I am going to be baptized on Sept. 20, all my friends are flying in.

And I was like: cool. Let's set the date! So we set the date. Keep her in your prayers! She is so funny. 

We taught this less active named Patricia Edwards. At first she was all mad that we were there, but then we asked how she has been, and she opened up. Then she said we were an answer to her prayer. She was kinda an oxymoron. 

A Spanish man told me that I looked like I was 35. Apparently the mission has aged me. He was funny though. But a woman told me I looked like I was 17 and told me I should model for Teen Vogue. Haha. I am going with her opinion.

So most of our week was involved around a LA named Brenda who apparently knew who I was, and had gone on a mini mission with me. I was super confused. She had wanted us to teach her little brother Emmanuel, so we have been trying to get in contact with her for about a month. So we got a call from her last p-day, and she asked for a blessing because things with her husband were turning sour. And I was like: she sounds super familiar. So we go over to her home, and she was Brenda Flores! She was from my very first area Yuerba Buena. She was preparing to go on a mission so I was really shocked she was there. And we got to help her out. It's so cool because I always wondered why I was there in Yuerba Buena in the first place other than to get to know my companions, and then get Emergency Transferred to El Camino. But it was super cool to see her. Every ward recently has been trying to steal her, the YSA ward won. Haha, but we are going to still work with her.

It's cool how things meet up in the end. Pray we will be able to figure out something for 'Manuel! He is such a super cool kid.

One of our investigators came to church by himself this week! I was so shocked to see him with out his mom, and Sister. We had dinner with his family this week. They are the Vindiolas and they had sung Hie to Kolob for Family Home Evening, and super deep questions. Haha. I was like...uhhhhh.

You know, I have been super blessed with companions. Sometimes it's hard, but I have learned so much from them. I am so lucky to have Sister Stevenson as my companion. I love how inspired people are, especially mission presidents. I am so grateful I am here in this mission. I get to see the Lord's hand all the time. And I am sure it was just as prevalent before my mission, but I get the amazing opportunity to just look for it.

We have a new investigator named Monica. She see's dead people. I am so excited to teach her.

I am so glad I am on a mission. I just love being a missionary.

I love y'all!

Sister Powell

Promise, next email will be longer:)

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