Thursday, September 4, 2014

From Alex

First off! Congrats daddy! I am so proud of you :) New Orleans here we come! It will be fun! Im excited.
2nd off! All the sisters are leaving here. It will good. This area really needs priesthood. And I am going to the Abrantes!!! WHOOP! Its on the beach and right next to salvador! And I will be companions with Sister Do vale. (something like that). She has 3 months in her mission. I am excited to be with a new missionary! And Im excited for another transfer! My last one. Ill be honest I cried last night cutting the tabs on my planner. hahaha I dont want to have a last transfer! I really never thought it would come but oh well, life goes on :)
3rd off! This mission is changing, the culture is changing, and my prayers are being answered! You dont know how many nights I have prayered, how many times I have tried to explain, and how many times I have said that the temple is the goal. That we really need to love and to teach these people. Well the new vision for our mission is the temple is the goal. WE have to teach ALL 5 lessons before baptism and so much more! It is so a beautiful thing!  Always stick up for what is right even if you dont see the blessings right away because one day you will!
My week was better then last week. We visited so many members and made so many friends (just in time to leave. haha) We really built the trust in this area. It was way nice! And will help the Elders come in. We did so simply too. 1: We served them. We cleaned the church with them. 2: We visited membes chatted and sang a hymn. 3: We went to the church and visited the youth. 4: We felt the spirit with them. It is so important just to be real. And the miracles follow. If the missionaries are not one with the ward or branch nothing will happen. You will just keep on doing contacts and no real growth will really follow. But gain the trust and you gain the trust of God.
My week was pretty much a member weeek. We worked hard and yeah our members werent the best but we did what the Lord wanted :)
I want yall to know that I know Baptism is the gate, the members are the key, the Doctrine of Christ is the path, and the Atonement is the only way. Be the keys, be the friends, and help the Lord. My only plans I have when I go home is to be the best member ever and help whatever ward I am in. haha I have literally no other plans then this. I love you all so much!
Sister Powell

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