Thursday, September 4, 2014

From Sydney

I have to go poop like so bad right now. It's not even cute. And what stinks, the computer is being timed, and I have to go every where with a companion even though the bathroom is twenty feet away. Haha I will endure though. 

So this week was a sign that Heavenly Father really loves me. A lot. Haha. I hadn't been feeling like he has been for a REALLY long time. But He does. And I shouldn't need evidence or anything, but sometimes it's nice to have tender mercies every now and then. 

The night before transfers, I was praying really hard. I had no idea how I was going to lead an area THAT IS HUGE, and meant for a car, on a bike. I stood up all night giving Heavenly Father all of these ideas.We were never going to bike, we were going to call every member in our wards so they could give us rides. We were going to do everything in our power to do our best to never ever see those bikes and have those bike helmets cause us to have helmet hair ever again. 

I gave Him so much stuff to ponder, and I just gave it to him. I was the Brother of Jared on steroids, I gave God boulders. Haha  I was like, Heavenly Father, you know me, you know what I am capable of, and I trust you.

So the next day we go to the mission office, and I just am praying the whole time. And I see Sister Funaki and Sister Livingston, and Hermana Bradshaw, and HermanaSantidran, and I get so sad because they are all going home. And I realized how old I am, and I never want to go home. Haha. And I watch as President Mella announces the tranfers. And he is so young and passionate about this mission. He reminds me of a young Thomas S. Monson vs now President Monson. Equally as passionate but speak differently. I am really excited to see how he bares his testimony in three years.

Sister Steg is now in Fremont. I am excited for her. Her new companion is SisterMonson who is but a saint, and going to be twinkled any moment now. 

She is awesome. I went to a baptism on Saturday in Santa Cruz, and saw them both there. Sister Steg looked sad but it was really nice to see her. It's cool to see a companion once they have been released as your companion. Somehow you get even closer. And we just talked and talked. I am really glad we are such good friends. I really needed to be her companion for six weeks. Any who, back to transfers.

And it takes forever for him to get to my area. Everyone I thought was going to be my companion, wasn't. And then before he got to me, I thought...hmmmm...I bet Sister Stevenson is going to be my companion. She was trained by Sister Oborn, a Visa Waiter who got her Visa, and I always just loved her. And she did become my companion! Yayayaya

Things that are great about Sister Stevenson: she is short, she was trained by SisterOborn who I just adored, she talks a million times a million hours fast, she has a strong testimony, and she comes with a car!!!!! HALLELUJAH!!!

All my companions have been inspired, I do believe, but she really was inspired.Hahaha. She as asthma so she can't ride bikes, so we got a BRAND NEW CAR. I am never complaining about driving ever again. I am a changed woman.

I got threatened by a lot of people on Tuesday. A recent convert named Lisa Vasquez threatened me (or just gave me the mommy talk) because we were taking her daughter on a mini mission. She let me know quite sternly that she would not be very happy if her daughter was endangered or tarnished by the vile streets of San Jose. I was freaked out. And then I was outside the mission home hugging my new car, and just adoring that car, when Elder Rich (one of the APs) came out, and asked if I was excited about the new car. I was like yes! And then he said if you wreck that car, you are going to be on full bike for the rest of your mission. And I was like: "who do you think you are donut boy?" Haha. But seriously though, I am never wrecking that car. Ever. haha.

So the beginning of this week started with Christina Vasquez coming on a mini mission with Sister Stevenson and me. It was fun. The first appointment we had was with Terri Ray, who has a baptismal date with us for August 10. We knock on her door, and we wait outside. And she opens it. AND SHE IS NAKED!!hahahahahahahahaha. Aw man. It was awful. She screamed and slammed the door shut. I just looked at Kristina and said: Don't you dare tell your mother. 

Other than that, the mini mission ran smoothly. We visited people I knew would not be naked when they answered the door. We got lost a lot, because I just get everyone lost. That has not changed on my mission, which is probably another reason God made sure we weren't on bikes.

A lot of our investigators aren't getting back to us because Sister Steg left:( Which makes me really sad. It is so hard to retain people. I honestly never had this issue before which makes it hard. People really loved Sister Steg a lot here. We are really going to work on gaining the trust of EVERYONE. We are going to really work hard. So we are going to do the service approach. Instead of teaching we are going to do small acts of kindness to gain their trust, and hopefully build their testimony of the Savior. My whole goal when I enter someones home is that the get to know the Savior, and their testimony built about Him through the Holy Ghost. And somehow someway we both part better and closer. And service is a great way to do that. 

I love being a missionary so much. This week was awesome. Every week even when it is hard is. The Savior teaches us so much. All He really wants us to do is learn. Please pray for our investigators! I love y'all so much!

Tau Toki Sio, eh?

Hermana Powell

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