Thursday, September 4, 2014

From Sydney

This week was SO LONG! It has felt like a month filled with emotions. Feeling like a stinky (litterally and emotionally). I am horrible HORRIBLE at bike riding. And I am horrible at so many things. But I am great at praying. Haha. ALL THE TIME. The begginning of the week was rough. But I was prompted you use the Book of Mormon while contacting one day. And no one took them from me. I was a little peturbed. But then we saw this woman named Lydia standing on the balcony. And I ran up those stairs, and offered her a Book. She shook her head feriously, but we spent the next couple minutes talking to her about Jesus Christ. And she became our new investigator. She was praying for a change in her life, and then we showed up at her door. Yay! So that was awesome.
And then biking started again, and I prayed for Heavenly Father to give me two hours of his strength. And he did. I was biking faster than Armstrong on steriods. Ha.
And seriously though. It worked so great.
We worked so hard this week. Literally.
We have an investigator with a baptismal date, and she has dissappeared from the world. So we decided to stalk her at her work place. Haha. Oops. And Sister Steg and me are sitting in the car. And we pray to know if we should be doing this, and then we look up and we see this random guy with her work shirt. And we are like, okay, we go. And then we walk into the coolest car wash ever! And she isn't there. So we walk outside and we see this guy who looked like he just got hit by a bus. He looked awful. And he had scratches on his face and blood flowing from his ears. His neck was broken. And we are like: ouch! We walk up to him, and we ask him if he wants a priesthood blessing. He says yes.
The guy had gotten in a bike accident and had been in the hospital. I have no idea how he got out. But he was completely not there from pain. And he thought Sister Steg was cute. But as we talked to him more, and the Elders showed up to give him a blessing, he said there was something different about all of our eyes. We had something that he wanted. And the Elders gave him a blessing, and it was really cool. Remind me to tell you more of the story when I get home. Haha.
Speaking of blessings. I got a blessing this week. And the priesthood is true! I just got it to get it, but certain things had been plaguing my mind that I didn't realize. The Lord told me through the humble hands of Elder Barlow and Elder Jackson that I was here in San Jose to find the person that I promised I would find in the Premortal Life. That I was here because God needed me to be. I could have been called to Africa, Iowa, Japan, but somehow I would have served my mission in San Jose. He told me that I could be a missionary forever. That my family was being blessed. And so much more things. It was awesome. And those Elders had no idea the deepest part of my thoughts. I didn't know! The Lord also rebuked and told me I needed to be more obedient. Haha. And work harder and study harder because the Lord has asked a lot of me, and he is going to ask more. Dangit. I thought bikes were enough.
I had my last interview with President Watkins on fathers day. We talked about how people won't understand what I have been through on my mission. They won't understand what it means to be a Visa Waiter. He also talked about how much I have changed. And he told me that he knew he could move me places because I could get along with everyone. And he told me I could do anything I wanted! Because I was a strong woman. I was so happy. He told me not to worry about majors right now, and go and investigate them. Go to work places in Orem and Provo and shadow people to see what I wanted to do. He said a lot more things, and I am so sad he is leaving. But I am glad he lives so close to Provo!
And the only reason I said any of that stuff what he said was because I really did work hard to change on my mission. And I am so excited people see taht change. haha.
I amn so glad to be here. I LOVE being a missionary. And I think partly it's awesome because I get to interact with so many awesome people. Members, investigators, homeless people, missionaries, mission presidents, and so many other people. People really do help you become who you were meant to be, and it is because God is putting them in your path. It's awesome.
I love y'all so much.
Sister Powell

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