Thursday, September 4, 2014

From Alex

Hey Family! I am loving the Abrantes. Really though, I am working so hard. When I sit down I start to sleep. hahaha This week I really worked on using the scriptures more in my teaching and this has really helped actually to see miracles. I speak clearer and people are understanding the lessons better. Its way awesome!
We are working so hard and I am having so much fun with Sister Do Vale. She is so sweet and cute. We are actually a lot alike. We can walk and not say anything for a little bit and be fine. But we love to talk and learn together. Which I love that we are both willing to learn and that we both want to work even when we are dead tired. She is so willing to be obedient as well and doesnt mind that I am strict with numbers and with rules. She is actually excited about it which makes me happy :)
We are teaching a lot of people and none of them are married. Haha They are all progressing though and it really is a miracle! For instance Valdete and Maria da Gloria (mary of the glory. haha) There son was baptised and after that they have continued to go to church. They  are actually working on their papers and hopefully I can see them get married in the next couple of weeks and baptised. I would actually like that. Maybe you guys could pray for that?

Do yall remember how Luan took us to see a couple of familes. Well one of them is really progressing. Bruna (the daughter) and Ariana. Ariana loves everything that we are saying. She believes Joseph Smith was a prophet and the BOM is true. She has all of her kids sit and listen when we come and one time when she said the prayer she thanked God for inspring Luan to have us visit with him. She isnt married and her husband has drinking problems but I just know that they will be baptised.
We are really praying to find a family with no serious problems with the word of wisdom and who is actually married. haha It feels almost impossible but I just know that they is a family waiting for us to teach them about the temple and how they can go there. I just want to help these people so much. I love them and want to do all I can do to help them before I leave. I know God will help me :)
We had stake conference as well! We didnt have Elder Cook like yall! But we had President and Sister Lisonbee who are just so amazing!
Well I am having fun and pretending I am never going home. Syd we never die from our missions. Thats an awful thing to say. haha (I am totally a NYC missionary, we had a rule not to say that). You should always continue your mission and just keep on going and progressing. :)

Love you all,
Sister Powell

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