Tuesday, September 23, 2014

From Sydney

Hi Family!

The lovely women in the middle is named Kim Macdonald. About a month ago she walked into Dry Creek saying she wanted to be baptized. A month later, she was! After tons of zits and hair loss and the devil trying his very best to not let her baptized, she was baptized by someone holding the proper authority of God. And it was amazing! And what is even more amazing, that all these lovely Sisters next to her because of their faith, helped her have that desire to be baptized creating an eternal family of Sisters. 

My oh my (don't I sound like Alex right now? haha) was it a roller coaster this week. 

We did not meet with Kim all week! And we had one more lesson to teach her before her interview with President Mella which in it self was pratically impossible to set up! Everyone needed to meet with him this week.

And for some reason no one wanted to see us. What's new. Haha. And did I mention we stalked our investigator last week as she was ignoring us? Annoying. And Terry Ray dropped us! Hung up the phone on us. So basically, it's all part of missionary work. Haha.

But we finally met with Kim, the day of the interview. haha. And then President Mella had an emergancy come up so he had to send President Davis, which took a couple minutes. But President Davis was awesome. He walked out and told us that she was so prepared, and needed to be baptized immediately. Which was such a relief to Kim, and truly so nice to hear. I knew she was but I needed that confirmation.

The baptism comes up the next day. And there is a parade! And people are stuck trying to find another way around to find the church. Haha. 

But I just want to tell you how amazing the actual act was. Kim had so much faith that if she was baptized everything she had down in the past would be washed away. She would be reborn. I have never taught someone that had that much faith about the actual baptism. She just knew it would happen. And after she was lifted from the water, I could literally see her change into a different person. She became more confident, and it looked like dirt and weight was taken from her. And she was glowing. And so happy. And a new person.

It was an amazing experience. Share the gospel everyone! You don't have to be a full time missionary to experience this joy. It's awesome.

I love you family!!

Sister Powell

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