Thursday, September 4, 2014

From Sydney

This week has been humbling. Super humbling. 

I'm an okay missionary, but I am a super good servant of the Lord. I make an effort to always be on the Lord's errand. I may not be a super great baptizer (which I'm okay with. I'm like John the Baptist, I prepare the way:)) or teacher, but I work hard, and I try really hard to serve everyone I see, and talk to everyone, and do what I think the Lord wants me to do.

This week, I noticed that people were making it really hard for me to do that. Haha. They wouldn't answer the door or talk to me. And I swear, no one was outside. I'm reminding y'all, we don't knock on doors here (We started that trend;)) We rely solely on members and contacting, and the rescue- bringing less actives back to church.

But everyone was making that really difficult! I strongly dislike summer:) We worked super hard, and we organized this area a lot. We are going through A-Z in the ward. 

And with that we saw kinda some cool successes. Sandra was baptized when she was 13 and went less active when she was 17 when she became pregnant. She started to come back to church three years ago, but became less-active again because of her husband. But she had been thinking about coming back to church when we knocked, and it was an answer to her prayer. She didn't come to church this Sunday, but she will eventually.

But the rest of the week was just kinda no one answering. 

We had an awesome lesson with Ana and Felicia. They were supposed to come to church, and so was our other investigators, but they didn't. But the Lord blessed us sooooo much for the effort we made. 

A couple weeks ago, the Hermanas contacted a woman named Tommy. Tommy kept thinking about what they said, even though she wasn't interested at the time, and decided to do some research on the internet, and went to the right

She liked what she read, and she tracked down the nearest building to her. She came towards the end of Sacrament, and sat right next to us. And she is awesome. She is so prepared. She is just awesome. 

The Lord loves His children so much. He loves Tommy a lot. You can tell.

I'm sorry this is so short! But I hope y'all know I love you.

We went hiking today, and playing sports. I'm nasty!!

The church is true, and the book is blue!

Sister Powell

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