Thursday, September 4, 2014

From Alex

We went to the beach and an elder stepped on a sea urchin. Yeah... Well long story short we spent about two hours trying to get the splinters out and then we he ended up having to go to the hospital. hahaha

I am working so hard. I told a member that I dont even feel like I am going home because I dont feel tired. I am obsessed with helping this ward and helping my investigators. And I am so tired :) its amazing.

We are cleaning up the ward list. Our luck the church has only been in the abrantes for 5 years. So we only have 208 members 100 of which are less active. We know that about 60 of them are still here and 40 we have no idea where the live. So we are going to find them and start working way more with less actives! It is way fun and takes planning. We actually did an activity with the relief society this week were we split the ward list and went and looked up a lot of people. This ward is amazing and really wants to help! We are trying to change the vision of the missionaries being seperate to being part of the ward and it is really working.

Besides the miracles with our ward we are also seeing miracles with our investigators.
We are still waiting to hear about the papers of valdete and Maria da Gloria. We are going to fast real hard and hopefully we will have a wedding and baptism next week!!

Andreia and Bruna :) My wonderful miracles. They came to church this week! And really liked it a lot. We had a powerful lesson with them. We talked about the chapter where Jesus visited the Nephites. We asked why she thought baptism was important. She said so that we can be clean and change our lives. After she said: Sisters... I need and want to change. How can I? To which I said: You can. We have this way. You can change with the Atonement of Jesus Christ and of which with the authority of christ you can use completely and become clean. His church has this authority. Can we prepare you and help you start your life on this road and help you use this authority: She is preparing to be baptised :) Just needs to get married. haha

We are teaching so well. So clearly and with power as well. It has been such a miracle. And really nice.

I feel like I am just learning to be a good missionary and now I have to go soon. I really dont feel like I am. But I am giving all that I can and I know that God will do the rest.

I love you all!


Sister POwell

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