Monday, May 23, 2011

Transfer 2 in Brazil (with pictures)

First, Rachel, Alex sent me pictures of Claire...beautiful. I can`t believe you are a mom. I wish I could just zap on over for one hour and meet her.

Second, holy cow Sydney and Alex, ya`ll graduated! I wish I could zap over for another hour and give ya`ll a hug, but I could do without the graduation ceremony :) Congratulations girls..I love ya`ll.

Ah! Molly jane :) enough said. I can`t email, but send me the best address and I will write you asap.

Enough with all that. So I was transfered to the most beautiful place in the world. Everymorning I wake up and look out our back window and see beautiful mountains and then turn and look out the front to see the most gorgeous of beaches. I currently live on the outskirts of Vila Velha, home of the Garota Chocolate Factory. It is gorgeous here. The area I live in is very very poor-dirt roads, horses roam free, houses without floors-dirt poor, but the people are amazing! People let us in right and left. I have never taught so much in my life, and I am loving it.

My new companions are both Brazilian. Sister Cunha and Nicasico (spelling...?) Both are amazing. Sister Cunha is by far the funnest person I have ever met. I love being with her-she just radiates pure joy. Sister Nicasico is equally amazing. She is a convert of two years, thirty three years old, a chef, and possibly the most awkward person I have ever met. I say that completely out of love, because I wouldn`t have her any other way. Sister Cunha is the trainer of Sister Nicasico, and I`m just kind of the third wheel. Not really, but it is funny to say...even better when I try to explain third wheel in Portuguese. I have learned so much with them both, and have had so much fun doing it. This has by far been my best week in Brazil so far.

So I did an experiment this week. I went a whole transfer saying I couldn`t speak Portuguese. I would apologize to every Brazilian I met, and I always just let Sister Morales do the majority of the teaching and speak when we were at lunch or such. This transfer I made up my mind that I would pretend that I could speak Portuguese. I wouldn`t apologize; i would just talk. And you want to know something amazing, I can speak Portuguese. Instead of stumbling over the little I know, I was able to use it and discover that I know far much more than I give myself credit for. People comment on how well I speak for only having so little time here, rather than what it was in Linhares. Sister Cunha is great at letting me have an equal part in the lessons. And I have learned so much from speaking to them on the street and in our appartment. I have so much to learn and I still talk with the strongest accent known to man, but it has been amazing to see what a change of attitude can do.

We had three baptisms this week. It was by far one of the most amazing baptisms I have been to. Rita and her two oldest children, Joyce and Yuri. They are by far the poorest people I have ever met. I left their apartment crying the first time I met them. Rita is all on her own with 5 children under the age of 10. Joyce is by far the strongest ten year old I have ever met. She takes care of all four of her siblings while her mom works and acts way older than she should. She is so serious, but I love seeing the light that comes to her eyes when we come over and give our lessons or when she goes to church. She loves reading the Book of Mormon and the Bible, and she loves to go to church. In the week I have been with her I have seen what the Gospel truly does for people- it brings light and hope to those that truly have none.

I love being a missionary. I love being here. What a wonderful experience it has been so far. I will be half way done in a couple weeks, and I admit, it makes me really sad. I want to stay like this forever. I miss ya`ll everyday, but I wouldn`t want to be doing anything else.

OH! and I am sending some pictures from our trip to the beach today (one of the perks of being a sister). Our Ramo had an activity there today and it was so much fun! I will send more pictures next week now that I figured out how to do it. :)



Monday, May 9, 2011


It was so goo to talk to ya`ll yesterday! It is so strange how normal it was. I felt like such a little chatter box the entire time, but I just had so much to say! We had zone conference in Vitoria this week. As always, I found things that I needed to change about myself. That always happens at any conference as a missionary- you never are good enough. Love it. Seriously I do. If there is one thing that I have learned as a missionary is to love correction. I gave up chocolate. Yes, I know. I gave up chocolate. I can`t believe it myself. I need more patience and understanding of my investigators that are having to give things up to live the commandments. So far it is working. Giving up chocolate is hard! But I still have my it is all good. I love Brasil. Have I told anyone that yet? I really do. The people here are just so amazing. They are different, but they are amazing. One thing I learned this matter who you are or where you are. The gospel applies to us all and helps us all. I met some of the humblest people this week. We are working in an area that is by far the poorest of those in Linhares. Everytime I walk in to the neighborhood, I want to cry. The kids are so skinny. They don`t wear shoes, but they play in garbage. I just want to take everyone home with me, but that would be illegal so I refrain. I do manage to always have a bag of candy when I go. Whenever they see me they all come running up with their hands out for candy, and they always say thank you. ah..I never have enough time on here. I hate these computers...sorry. I love being a missionary though :) Love you all. Thanks for everything yall doo! Love, Sister POwell

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Sorry about the pictures...they won`t send. I`ll try again next week. First off! Happy Mother`s Day, mom! You are by far the best mom in the world! My present to you will be a 40 minute phone call at six pm my idea what time that will be for ya`ll. I think 4? Strange that the time isn`t more far off. Second, Sydney that is my shirt you are wearing in those pictures. And Alex, that is my dress.... Third, why are ya`ll senior pictures so much cooler than mine? Ya`ll are far too beautiful. So this week was awesome. I`m officially legal in Brazil. We went to Vitoria this week and a very sketchy Brazilian man took my finger prints. Vitoria is an awesome city. I for sure want to serve there at some point...haha although I could do without the bus spraying water all over me. I looked like I had just got off the Tidal Wave Ride at Six Flags when we went into the police station. So something is going on with my computer and I have like three minutes left, so this email will be really lameThings are going really well. I understand more everyday. How I speak..that is another story. I like to refer to our investigator Hudson´s description, "You speak really funny, but it is beautiful at the same time." I will just go with that. He will be baptized this week! Sorry this is so short and lame. I love ya´ll. Thanks for everything. Sister Powell