Thursday, September 4, 2014

From Alex

I lost pippin (my sloth) I dont know how I lost him... But he is gone. Im thinking it was on the bus. Im hoping some kid found him and is now enjoying his company. I know however he is in a better place...
That was my tragedy for the week (besides my pictures. haha)
My week was so random. Monday night I got on the bus by myself and made the long trip alone. When I got there it was about 5:30 in the morning. I found an american girl in the bus stop. SHe was obviously american with her hair and east coast water bottle. haha She is here to see the world cup. And then the Sisters there picked me up. After we went to their apartment. Salvador is so cool! My dream is to serve there (even if it is just for one transfer) It reminds me so much of NYC. We could totally do the ellipitical there. After a while president and Sister Hart picked me up. I love them so much! And then we went and picked up Sister Stone!!! I LOVE HER! I love being companions with her! SHe is so amazing and already my friend. She is so loving and so brave. When she saw me she just hugged me. We ended up spending the day with Sister and President Hart. We went shopping and ate with them. President Hart even bought me harry potter in port!!!! We watched a movie with Sister Hart. I love her. It was fun to spend time with them because they are leaving next week. And then we got on the bus again for another night ride.
And now we are in Senhor Do Bonfim. It has been interesting. haha we have been just fearlessing like crazy and trying to teach. We had some good experiences though. Like Gisilene. She ended up being a antigo investigator. We ended up teaching her the first lesson. She is scared of baptism. But we are going to teach her about the temple and it will be awesome! OH! And one woman we fearlessed ended up going to church! We just talked and talked to people. I even got hit by a car. haha I was talking to the man on the side of the road and a drunk guy hit me with his car... It made for an interesting fearless. But I am all good.
We had a going away zone conference for sister and president hart. I love them and the have helped me so much in Brazil but I excited to see what will  happen with a new mission president! They look awesome!
Our branch is amazing. They love the missionaries so much! Im excited to work with them.
The world cup is going on right now! it is crazy! Brazil is all decorated! We have to stay inside when the games are going on but we know when brazil scores bc we hear cheering. haha
This week really was good! We are getting to know the area. Sister Stone is picking up port. so fast! We are only talking in port. (except after 10 and when she really needs something explained) But she is so great! She is such an example to me and I know she will be ready to rock it with a brazilian companion in 8 weeks! Im so glad I have this calling to help her in this transition and that we are being obedient together. I love having a friend I dont feel alone :) I am so excited to learn and grow with her. I love her. I love brazil. I love my mission.
Love you all so much!
Sister Powell

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