Thursday, September 4, 2014

From Sydney

Oh my gosh. I am like getting little panic attacks randomly. I am dying!! In 7 weeks! And every stinking person reminds me.

So many missionaries keep on coming up to me, and I'm just like: shhhhhh just leave.

I love my mission. I love it more than words can describe. An Elder came up to me today, and he went on and on how I was dying, and asked me "You mission was different than you imagined?"

Well. Duh.


So much better than I ever thought it would be. I never imagined I would be here in California. Never crossed my mind. 

We had dinner with a Brazilian family this Friday. And I find it really natural just to love Brazilian families. I just do and for some reason they just adore me. Eric is Monica's son who is married to Nanda, who just moved here from the Sao Paulo Brazil East Mission. I talked to her in Portuguese the first day I met her, and she has now stuck to me like glue. She doesn't think she speaks English very well, but really, it's amazing. And after that dinner, I really did realize I needed to be here. I always keep realizing it, but sometimes I think of how well I would have done in Brazil. I would have learned Portuguese easily. I know I have said this before, but I really would have. But I sat there with this culture, and I loved them so much, but I love how obedient I am here. I love how hard this mission is for a whole entire different reasons than how Brazil would have been.

I have truly learned to sacrifice here.

Sister Stevenson and I have been having just difficult weeks. But I have been loving them so much. We have worked our tails off. And still everyone is dodging us. And we have been so obedient. Sister Stevenson the other day said: I have never been this obedient in my life, and I have never worked so hard, and I have no idea why we aren't seeing success.

Story of my life.

But I don't care. This isn't about me, or my success. It's all about the Lord's success, and he measures success so much differently than the world does. He looks at every bit of effort we do, and he truly does pour out blessings. They may not be baptisms, or swarms of people begging for us to teach them, sometimes it's in the way he takes care of my family. I have worked so hard for my family. I never think of y'all, I'm sorry:) But I work hard for y'all. I am obedient for y'all. It is shown in small Tender Mercies. A burning feeling in my chest, and the moment where I just feel so close to Him. 

I love being obedient. I strive for it. I am not perfect. Trust me. But I love trying to be. I love working. I love serving. 

I don't know what kind of person I would have been if I had gone to Brazil, and I will never know. But I really like the person I am right now. And I am so excited to start learning new things for a new transfer. We find out on Saturday what happens! I don't think anything is going to happen (knock on wood).

A woman came into church on Sunday saying she is ready to be baptized. Funny thing: she went to the wrong ward. haha.

I know I have a Savior who really loves me. God is in way more in control than we ever give Him credit. I'm learning this too. He is in every little moment of our lives. He is such a loving Father. He is such a great friend. He is everything to me.

I am sorry if I ever offended anyone, in emails or in person. I don't know why I felt like typing that, but I am sorry.

Te Amo Muito mo ofa atu!

Wa cher Powell che mai (horrible spelling)

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