Thursday, September 4, 2014

From Sydney

So I entered my email with the news that my mission has been extended toNovember 12. I don't know if that is true, but I will be calling any minute now to confirm. I will send a letter home to confirm. This has happened without my knowledge, and right now I feel like I got gas. And my heart is torn between overwhelming excitement, and confusion. And I am just confused right now, and drugged up. So you know, that helps.
This week has been one of my most favorite weeks on my mission. I have never worked so hard to talk to people. It was another humbling week, full of learning, and really leaning on the Lord. We tried so hard.
And I have come to the conclusion, that numbers are so stupid. It has been so easy for me to get 20 baptismal invitations or like 30-40 lessons a week. And when you think of them as just numbers, you just pray with anyone, and walk away really without focusing on their progression. This week, that was our goal, progression.
Sister Stevenson and I decided it was important to do what the Ward Council asked us to do even if it meant we got no lessons. So we visited all the people that probably moved, who don't like the church at all (like at all). And we knocked and knocked and knocked. And the thing is, most have moved (except for Eleanor who wasn't home but her husband was, and accidently revealed that she didn't moved, and looked like he wanted to kill us when he saw who he was talking to). And most don't like the church. But that was okay, because we were doing what we were asked, and we felt good doing it.
We had a lot of fun. We got home exhausted every night, and we enjoyed being yelled at and meeting new people, and no one answering the door, because we were inviting, just like the Savior did. Those Pharisees and Sadducees weren't exactly responsive either. And I liked getting to know my Savior in that way. And it made me sad, because I felt what it felt to be denied just like he was/still is. It makes me even sadder because it really isn't me they are denying.
Our investigators are doing awesome. We went to the temple with Mausamie. I saw Kylie Cash! She looked gorgeous and I am so sad she is leaving this transfer. The Oakland Mission loves her. Every time I see someone from there they just rave about her. And I make them think we are cousins (and speaking of cousins...Kayla! How dare you get married with out me! You looked lovely:))) And to the rest of my baby cousins: Go on missions. Don't you dare get married.) It was such a great visit. The Sister Missionaries there are so inspired and so cool. I love them. They said things she needed to hear and what I needed to hear. I bore my testimony there, and I just started crying. I am such a Sister Missionary:)
Ana and Felicia loved the Plan of Salvation. They loved it so much. And we used the Bible to explain the Plan of Salvation. It was awesome. Ana was just getting so much brain woes during the lesson. She had no idea that it was in the Bible. And I was like yeah, the Plan is true.
Tommie is still visiting with us. She is awesome. She went to the Singles FHE and asked us for a Book of Mormon afterwards! It was awesome.
Terrie Ray is still drunk. And she tried to kiss me. Haha. It was the scariest moment of my life, but I handled it pretty well.
And I could go on and on, but I can't because I wasted so much time trying to figure out if I extended. But this week was awesome, and I am now moving on to another week where it is going to be awesome again. I love y'all so much. And I am sad to go home on Oct 1:( Hahaha.
Church is true,
Sister Powell

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