Monday, September 8, 2014

From Sydney

I am not sleeping! It's been lovely. Haha.

When you don't sleep you hear everything. EVERYTHING! And it's kinda annoying. We have this annoying fire alarm. It's awful. Beep. Beep. Beep. Take the battery out. Beep. Beep. Beep. Hit it with a broom. Beep. Beep. Beep. The power goes out. Beep. Beep. Beep. Sister V snoring louder than Grandpa Powell. Beep. Beep. Beep. Sister Stevenson talking about bacon in her sleep. Beep. Beep. Beep. It's like. Porque? The nice sound of humans fighting outside doesn't even cover it up. 

I have been doing a lot of studying. I figured since I can't sleep, I'll just learn. The thing is I can still function even though I am so tired, but I just can't sleep. I probably fall asleep around 4:00 am, and I just dream. Annoying dreams too. I wake up and exercise is a struggle. It's an exercise to walk. Haha. I don't look in the mirror at all. I just get dressed in my easiest clothes that don't require ironing, and then I flop down on the most awesome couch ever. It has seen it's fair share of Sisters, but I think I might sneak it on the plane. I love that thing. Haha.

This week has been awesome, and so weird. Haha. 

We got a call from the Willow Glen Sisters saying there was a potential investigator that needed service down. We go to her home, and it's this super old lady name Eleanor. She is 93 and we sit there and she just starts talking, and then she asks if we are willing to do the job. And we are like, uhhhhhh. Yeah? She thought we were going to be there every single day helping her move to a new place in the Willow Glen area. I was like: que? Como? Mufasa? What's in your oxygen tank?

Her friend Pat explains all these terrifying things to us: how to charge her scooter, how to make sure her oxygen is working, how to lock up her house. And I am just so confused. I was like: what was I just volunteered to do?

So we help her. Not every day or every minute, thank goodness. It was so funny. I have never seen anyone own so much alchohol. She had all these funny games that were so inappropriate that she forgot she had. So it was really fun to just shock her. But we taught her the plan of salvation. And she became a new investigator...for the Willow Glen Sisters. Haha.

We also went on exchanges for a few hours on Thursday so the Santa Teressa Sisters could pass off an investigator to us. Sister Stevenson went to the appointment with Sister Packard, and Sister Hansen (I will never know how to spell her name) went with me. I have never realized how happy people are. Especially Sister missionaries. Sister Missionaries get this voice, and they are so bubbly. It's weird. And tiring. Haha. We taught the Vindiolas. It was the Restoration, which I was super scared to teach them. But Charlie's girlfriend was there and she never heard of Joseph Smith except in APUSH. So I decided that we needed to teach her that. Poor Sister Hanson was so confused, but she did great, and went with it. And it turned out so well. I was so happy. And we learned that Charlie believes in Joseph Smith! Which is awesome. Carlos doesn't though which is okay. We know where he stands.

We also taught Dianne this week. Her english is getting so great!

And you know, I don't like when people cancel on us. It makes me sad.

But we taught so many people this week.

I taught District Meeting. It was about bearing testimony. I have a strong testimony, that testimony is awesome. That it's so cool that the Holy Ghost decides to bear his testimony through us, and that's why we get this super awesome warm feeling. And it's so cool that when we bear our testimonies with the Spirit we create an atmosphere where a member of the God head can dwell. It's soooo important to bear your testimony in your home. Do it!

I was speaking to a guy the other day in English thinking he was speaking in English. And I kept looking at Sister Stevenson thinking she would back me up, but apparantly he was speaking Spanish. Haha. Yay! 

I spoke chinese with a woman in my ward. She kept looking at my name tag in confusion. Then she spoke to me, and I was like....uhhhhhhhh. I am all speak and no understand. Haha.

So enough of me being proud of my gift of tongues:)

I am having small panic attacks. It's crazy how fast missions go. I just want to go on a billion others. There is seriously nothing better. Sorry I'm not excited to go back to Louisiana, I'm just going to miss my home. And it is. I am loving every minute of it.

I studied Mosiah 4 and I am so glad I picked that for my plaque:)

I love you so much!

Sister  Powell

AND A HUGE MIRACLE HAPPENED!!! Carlos came to church. I could've cried. It was the most beautiful moment of my mission. 

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