Thursday, September 4, 2014

From Alex

1st updates: Rodrigues is no where to be found.
                   Rodrigo, we taught him so much and then he didnt go to church.
                   Grace and Margareta went to church and loved it!!!
                   All of our less actives went to church :)
                   We went to another church here with an investigator and we are officially welcomed back any time
                     I love cabbage.... and Pancakes dont really work here.
I love sister Felartigas. And apparently I am a perfectionist. haha
Sister Mckenzie was super sick and I learned I am really good at taking care of sick people. haha So we had to work in two areas this week.

So Im writing this on thursday (I write my emails in my journal before) And I have been thinking a lot today (bc Sister McKenzie is sick and someone has to stay in with her) about my companions that I had on my missions. They have been the ones that have really shaped and molded me on my mission. They have been my angels and my bestfriends.I have realized too that I am so different then I used to be. And I want to stay this way. My idea of who I would be near the end is so different. Obedience for me has always been easy but my nature has really changed. Looking back at the start I thought I would be speaking port. perfectly, baptising the whole world and just really being a perfect missionary. Of course I still have three months to improve in everything but my idea of a perfect missionary has changed and the missionary I am becoming I am so proud of. Someone once told me that right when you become the perfect missionary they send you home. But I will never be the perfect missionary only our Savior can be, BUT I have a lifetime to become one which is awesome :)

But back to my comps. I feel like I never talk about them and about how awesome they are! I have been so blessed with amazing companions.
Angel #1: Sister Mann :) I love that sister!!! We were facebook friends actually before the mission so we already knew of each other. But then I sat down my first day in the MTC and saw her name on my envelope and was so relieved :) I rememeber her walking in and we just hugged and hugged and right then I knew she would become my best friend. I can honestly say that we rocked the mtc. She helped me so much there and we learned so much together! She helped me at first here in brazil as well. Even though we have had two complete different missions I am so proud of her and the missionary she has become. She is so funny, spiritual, and a light that really does shine. She is my example and my friend and I am so grateful for her. I hope she knows that.
Angel #2: My Sister Gonzalez. I love her so much. I have thought about her so much throughout my mission and my respect for her has just grown and grown. She was my trainer and sometimes I was so unfair to her. She was there through a lot of my molding process and bc of her I am so different. Sister Gonzalez is so funny and that woman knows how to love and work. She would hop around the bus and talk to every single person on that bus one by one. She would dance, she would comfort random people, and she would show people that she loved them. She loved to walk in the rain and to just really have fun! She is so brave and I learned so much from her. She is my hero and my best friend. I am so glad that God let my have her to learn from. I love her.
Angel #3: My three week angel. Sister Herrera. She was an answer to my prayers. She came right when I needed her. I learned to be bold and to love even my from her. To my she was already a perfect missionary. She knows how to teach and to read the spirit. I dont think I have ever clicked with a Sister Missionary so fast before. And even though she left for peru I learned so much from her in our short time together!
Angel #4: My Millett! I dont think words can describe the love that I have for that Sister. I talk about her all the time. haha She is so perfect! She loves, she works, she laughs, she cries, she is patient, and she sees the best in everyone! I totally miss judged her the first moment we became comps. haha I just remember going to get her stuff and just thinking who is this sister. haha That impression went out the window for sure that night. We had so much fun together and we learned so much together. We went through trials, climbed trials together, and she totes is my bestie! I love her! She has saved me so many times even her in Brazil! She left notes in my BOM that literally whenever I need a friend or love I find one. I forever grateful for her and her example.
Angel #5: My brilliant math major :) Sister Millett and I would have never got anything done without her. She is so brilliant, bright, funny, loving, and organized. Elder Busby once said that he couldnt imagine our companionship without all three of us in it. And it is true it wouldnt have been our trio.  We had so many funny moments with jews and muslims. So many learning experience and we so many spiritual experiences! Sister Nestor knows how to love and she knows how to work one by one. She cares so much and everyone feels that. She would sit down with someone and that person would leave a better person, me included. I learned to give my all and never do anything halfway from her. She is my bestie and I love my Brazilian Sister so much! I know she is rocking it.
Angel #6: Sister Casperson. My Nerdy and absolutly hilerous (i cant think how to spell that) cookie lover angel! Sister Casperson at first glance is this serious sister missionary but then you sit down and she just saus the funniest things ever! She loves star wars (she even owns a light saver) and she is such an awesome teacher! The elders and I loved to watch her during street sweeps. I felt so comfortable with her. We would walk forever in silence and feel fine with it. haha she brought my relaxed side out and I love her so much!!
Angel #7: My beautiful 2 week companion. My 1st brazilian, Sister De olivera! I love her and I am so sad she was with me when I was sad. I will always remember how protective she was and how much she wanted to help me. One time on the bus she looked at me and said that she wanted to be friends and that she loved me and she did. I felt the love from my savior at that time and even though I dont know a lot about her I love he so much.
Angel #7: Sister Villaroman- the longest comp I have had here in brazil. She really did help me alot and we had so many funny times here in Brazil. We were together during the hottest season and one of my most growing experiences. I really learned a lot from her about how to teach and how to work hard. And we loved killing mosqitos together. haha She is an awesome women and I am so grateful for the time we had.
Angel #8: My Saneski. hahahaha SHE is so funny! She loves soups, acadija, and pretty much food in general. She was always giving gifts and she is so loving! She felt the spirit so strong too and never liked to give up on people! I feel bad that she was with me during my hospital experiences but so grateful as well!
Then I had my weird transfer without really companions but I did have one week in my international trio with Angels number 9 and 10! I love Sister Deringer and Varela! Sister Derringer brought my funny side out again and Sister Varela and so much faith that I would get better! I love them both!
Angel #9: B. Souza I was with her after my foot got better. I love her! We worked so hard together and saw so many miracles in our four weeks together! Let me tell you that sister can talk! haha But she has a heart full of gold and we had just had fun together. We saw miracles and trusted in God. It was really just 4 weeks of happiness with her :)
Angel #10: Sister Stone :) I love her so much!!! She has saved me here in Brazil. We are sooo obedient, we work hard, and we are seeing so many miracles!! I wish I could be a better companion for her and help her more with port. But I know I am with her for another reason then that. She is so funny, she learns so fust, and loves more then anything! I dont think I have ever met a more giving person. I wish I was more like her! We laugh so much and we really are seeing sooo many miracles! I am so thankful for my New Yorker. I love her!
So there are my angels (and I have so many more). I love them and really a book could go to each one of them. God really does place us with who we need to be with.

I love you! I love this work!
Sister Powell

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