Wednesday, September 18, 2013


From Sydney (another transfer haha)

Malo e lelei! 

Guess what. We have permission to email our families to tell them where we are. I, Sister Powell, have been called to Los Altos Tongan Speaking. Hahahaahahahaha. My address is 3480 Granada Ave. #147 Santa Clara, California 95051. My old address:)

Love y'all! My companion is Sister Funanki and she is awesome:)

Tau Toki Sio!

Sister Powell

From Alex

I thought I'd start off with that!
But my week was so random. The most random week by far of my mission.
It started out with monday.
Simone- She was our investigator with a baptismal date. But the most tragic thing in the world happened. Anti. The Mormon church is super hated in New York but by far in Jamaica Queens. Everywhere you turn there is something Anti about us. Last week we got a text from a random number which happens a lot because of fearlesses. But it was just a text message basically saying bad things about our church so we ignored it. But Simone wasnt answering our calls so we put two and two together and realized it was her. So we went to her house with a member and she was just super angry. I felt the spirit so strong in the lesson, but something I have learned is that the spirit can not reach those that have contention in their heart. We all did what we had to do. But sadly Simone asked us never to come back again. The sad part is that her daughter loves has so much. I hope one day she can find the Gospel.
After that we were all pretty drained. Yet we kept on going! Wednesday though is where it gets exciting. President called me. AND GUESS WHAT!? I found out I was training :D I was super excited and nervous! My trainee was going to be a visa waiter as well! I was surprised though.
The next day I went to trainer meeting. I loved it :) The assistant to the president's are so amazing and gave such good advice! But President Calderwood is the best! He gave some awesome advice about strengthening your testimony. He started with choosing the one thing we are struggling with and then he gave us a system to study. He said to
We tell the Lord what we are struggling with and then we read eveything about the subject and then write down the testimony we want to have.
then we repeat. As we do this we will gain the testimony we want :D
Way awesome!!
Then Friday came. With another phone call from president. But he didnt answer so we waited and waited. And at 9:30 I get a calll that my little trainee got sick :( So she is spending her whole mission in Utah. I felt so bad for her!!! President said that I should be honored that God and him thought I was ready to train though. That made me feel good.

Saturday we hada concert in the Jamaica Food court. It was a way good experience! There was a little girl that was so interested so the mom is letting us come over! It made me happy :D
That night marlene was baptised. She has been investigating the church for a while! It was amazing.
Im staying in Jamaica this next transfer! Yay! But we are moving pads. Are new pad is so beautiful and has an elevator! YAY!!
Love you all so much! The Church is true. The book of mormon is the word of God.
Sister Powell

From Alex

What a week! I cant believe that I am on my last week of this transfer! So crazy!
First off I want to start out by saying... THE WORLD IS AN OPEN POOL! How cool is that? Starting next month we can teach anyone in the world! Including friends at home, our own less active family, basically anyone! How you might ask? Through Facebook, blogs, facetime, skype, googleplus, and IPADS. This is going to completely change everything! The world is now open. China is now open, Saudi, every place that was closed to us before. It is so crazy! I'm so excited to be apart of this work.
Besides that awesome miracle. We had a good week of visiting less actives. We also saw Shehara! She is so amazing and is going to the temple this week :) We also found a less active named Jane. She is so amazing! She has the strongest testimony of God's love.
We had an exchange this week. Sister Nestor and I went to the Island with Sister Chipman. I love the Island. It is so clean and beautiful. It smells in the city. hahaha But both the city and the Island have good points :) For instance, I can talk to anyone now. I have become fearless. haha I am surrounded by thousands of people alll day long. Its so cool!
That night on the Island (which is long island) We did a look up to find a guy named Tom. He was way awesome and I am pretty sure that he is going to join the church. On the way out to the car (i love cars) We found a lady named Gina. I just stopped everyone and started talking to her. She was so sad and wondered if we could give her a bible. We ended up giving her both a bible and a book of mormon. I know that this gospel can bless her life! I wish that everyone would just listen to our message. It would change their life.
That night I could not sleep. It was around one in the morning when Sister Chipman said, "Sister Powell I am having problems breathing.: I was so sad! So we called a Senior missionary and we went out and watched finding faith in christ until her breathing went back to normal. I realized something watching the movie. Jesus Christ is so amazing. He changed the world. I think it is so amazing that because He lived and died for us we can change! Our human nature can gradually change. We can be healed. Sometimes we lack the belief that we can change but God will help our unbelief. I know it. I know that he lives.
My week was awesome. I am excited for this coming up week.
You are all so amazing and remember that God loves you so much! Keep you eyes towards the future and enjoy where you are at :)
Sister Powell

From Alex

Where is my mission going? I want to extend. hahaha Serve a 2 year mission :) I would love that. anyway. The lIbrary was closed yesterday so nooo emailing :/
My last week started off amazing! We started with... ZONE CONFERENCE! Yayyy! I love my mission presidnet so so so much! He is such an inspired man.
My week was kinda random and for some reason I was bad at journaling this week. So my email is going to be kinda random also. lol
We did a lot with the young women this week. We have been asked to be their examples and of course we said yes. So they came to appts with us :) That was good. I want these girls to be so happy!
At a street sweep this week I talked to a woman whose son is a Bishop in Monroe, LA! So cool! Both of her grandsons served misions but she doesnt want to get baptised. Her son says tha tshe knows that the church is true but she just is stubborn. lol She even san us Joseph Smiths First Prayer.
We basicall had an awesome week! WE have an investigator! WHOOO! Who is getting baptised next week :D Yay for miracles! Her name is Simone. She was so ready to hear the gospel. We taught her the plan of Salvation and she just said "I know this is the plan that God set up for us." It was so amazing.
We also taught Elizabeth again this week. She almost didnt want us to come over because she felt guilty that she drank this week. But we told her no we are coming over. Sister Pierre came with us. She was so amazing! Members really are the key to this work.
Church was awesome! Both Simone and Elizabeth came. Elizabeth just had a glow about her! After church she called us and said she felt so peaceful and that she was so grateful for us. It made me so happy.
After Church we went and did lookups. And the FUNNIEST THING EVER HAPPENED! hahah We were walking beside this car that was backing up and the car ran over a sprite bottle and the bottle exploded like fountain and the sprite or whatever was in the bottle hit me full on. I just started yelling "IT HIT ME! IT HIT ME!" and the guy starting freaking out because he thought it hurt me. haha But he started laughting too. Im sure one day he will run into missionaries again and remember me and be baptised. lol
Labor day was good. We went to a ward BBQ. And also went to see Sister Tracy Davis. She is a lady who is not all there but adores me. It makes me smile. It was her birthday so we brought her a card. It made her day :)
This week I have been studying a lot about the Lords timing and His will.
I want my will to be God's will so bad. Sometimes the problem is that I cant see past now. And President Holland gave an awesome talk actually about that :)
I love this quote "THe work of devils and of darkness is never more certain to be defeated than when men and women, not finding it easy or pleasant but still determined to do the Father's will, look out upon their lives from which it may seem every trace of God has vanished, and asking why they have been so forsaken, still bow their heads and obey."
I dont know a lot of things. But I do know that God has the best plan for me. 
And that is all I need to know :)
I love you so much!!!
SIster Powell

From Alex

Hello Family! I love you so much! I love that we have the gospel :) Even though life isnt easy, I am so thankful for the life that comes with having the Gospel.
We had a miracle moment this week! We were doing look ups when Sister Nestor had a prompting to talk to a lady. Her name is Elizabeth and she is a member but less active. She has drinking problem and was so sad when we found her. But we prayed with her right there and went back the next day. We taught her and the spirit was so strong. She is so amazing and I know that she has the ability to do such great things.
Basically we had a week full of look ups and we actually got fed this week! WHOOO!!! 
BUT the best part of the week was I got to go to Manhattan!!! To the temple :) We went with the youth. It was so amazing, I love the Manhattan temple. It is so crazy outside and then you walk in and it is Heaven :) I am so glad that I had this experience!
Sunday I sat in the back row and I was so sad looking at my ward. Ive really come to understand how important the gospel is while being here in NYC and also how real saten is. But I know that the gospel can change lives and there are so many poeple waiting to here it! I love my Jamaica Queens :)
I love being here. I love my ward so much. I love my companions. I love the spirit and I love this church.
God lives, His hand is in every part of our lives. Sometimes we just dont see why.
His timing is everything.
I know it.
I decided that my mission idol is Enoch. He is so amazing and I want to be just like Him :)
I love you!!
Sister Powell

From Alex

My week was good! We had a good start with Zone Training :) I love my zone. After the meeting we went to Sister Ba's and I thought it was a pretty rough lesson because her kids were everywhere. But after we left she texted us and said thank you for coming and that she really felt the spirit! I really love how the spirit works. We also saw Sister Mohammed. I love her so much. But she makes me sad because I want her to change but she doesnt have a desire too :/ Maybe one day.
So crazzzyyyy story of the week! It started with melissa walking into the church. She is our new investigator :) She wants a new start to her life and she wants her son to grow up with strong morals. But because she came we were late to our appt with a former named Clarrisa. So we only met her and then she rescheduled. But as we were sitting at the bus stop a girls sat next to me and started groaning. I asked her if she was okay and she said no. We asked for her name and how old she was (Carrie and she was 16) and Sister Millett went to go have a closer look at her because the sun was in her eyes and as Sister Millett stood beside her, Carrie fainted on her and started having a seizure. So we had to call 911 and a preacher ran across the way and gave her a blessing and then ran away. And the ambulance came. And this is the other crazy part. WE KNEW THEM! We see them all over and they always ask if we are okay. But Carrie was taken away and that was the crazy story. But the cool thing was that if we had not been there carrie could have fallen and would have been there for a while. The Lord puts you where you need to be.
We had trainer/trainee meeting this week. I went because my companions had to go. My mission president is so amazing. His testimony is so strong. It makes mine stronger as well :) I am so blessed to be in this mission.
I love this gospel so much. I love that I have the knowledge that God is my loving Heavenly Father and that everything happens for my eternel benenfit.
I love you all so much!!
Quote :) "God will make the impossible things possible. He will answer our prayers, and will continue to guide us a long as we continue to obey Him."


This week was so good. Except for the fact that I might have had an emotional melt down because I think I am balding, and I might have received permission, because no one likes an emotional Sister Missionary, to go to the store not on a P-Day to by Vitamins for my hair. Hahahaa.
Other than that, this week was awesome.
The week started P-Day night, where Sister Tietjen and I successfully got in contact with a Referal named Tina. We had tried for weeks, but we always came to the house when she was showering. Meh. Haha. So I told Sister Tietjen that she should call Tina (I still hate making phone calls) and she did AND SHE ANSWERED THE PHONE! And she was super interested. After that phone call, we danced and danced to Pop Corn Popping. It was so phone. Sister Tietjen and I like to celebrate. It makes us extremely happy. We have made every day a celebration this week.
Tuesday, nothing happened really. I have no recollection of Tuesday. Apparantly it was a good day. Yay.
Wednesday, was AN AWESOME DAY! We were so blessed on Wednesday. We had District Meeting. I was fasting that day for Alex's Visa. During District Meeting I got a call from Sister Clayton (By the way I really need some Louisiana Recipes (Please)) who said she had something from Salt Lake for me. I about peed in my pants. Haha. It was my Criminal Record mabob and I needed to get fingerprints for it. Sister Clayton said she understands if I couldn't get it at the moment, but she said I should make it a priority. So I did. I went straight to the mission office where not only did I get the paper work, President gave me some new red shoes that I absoulutly love. Thank you President Watkins.
I had to call one of President Watkins councilers (who new Mission Presidents had Councilers?) President Davis. We became best texting buddies, and he was the Chief of Police in San Jose. But he was out of town on Wednesday. But we went to a recent converts house name Ves, and we taught his Mom Pilar, who is senile as Potter, and just lovely. We had a good lesson.
The next day, we got in contact with President Davis who informed me that no one does ink finger printing in California. California is a head of times and actually does this electronically. Lame. So he called people, and he got a hold of this place called E-Z Mail. The most sketch place in the world, but the only place in all of California that has ink. So I go and I mail that off. So now my fingerprints are in Salt Lake.
Thursday night was awesome. We visited with Tina for the first time, and she is so awesome. She cried the whole time, and wants to be closer to Heavenly Father. Her daughter reffered her. Her daughter found the gospel in Arizona, and is preparing to get married in the Temple. But it is her first marriage, and her mom really wants to be there. It's cool, because Tina's nephew joined the church and his wife and all his children, and he got to baptize Tina's daughter in Arizona. And everyone is there. So Tina really wanted a Priesthood blessing, and since everything has been working out for us this week, we got our Elders and Andrew Garrett who is preparing for his mission (we like to take the youth with us, they make us feel young and they are excited about everything), and we gave her a blessing (the Elders did) and it was so beautiful. It was awesome.
Oh! And Vina the Indian women, flew to Figi and grabbed her son by the ear and made him visit with the Missionaries in Figi. Hahahahahaa. OH bless Vina.
Friday was Sister Tietjens birthday and was awesome. We were dropped off and we walked all day. We got in contact with this women named Kim Key, who hasn't had contact with the church since Salt Lake for fifteen years. She speaks Cambodian, and her husband made her become Buddhist. But she was so happy to see us. When we were leaving, she got up even though her legs hurt so bad, and she hugged us and she whispered in her broken English: "I like you." It made my heart happy.
And then we walked and walked and walked and I had to pee so bad. I was going to die. We were about to go visit a less active when we decided to visit a former named Anna Moore. I had seen a woman walk by a lot while we were sitting thinking out our plan of action, but I didn't talk to her. So we were knocking on Anna Moore's door, when this woman walks up (who I have seen), and she ends up being Anna Moore. And she wasn't interested before, so we were about to walk away, but I needed to go potty. So we asked if we could use her restroom. So I am busy relieving myself, and Sister Tietjen is being good and talking about the gospel. And I walk out after washing my hands of course, and Anna Moore wants to pray with us. And we hold hands ina prayer circle and we pray and she loves us and we are invited back. Isn't timing wonderful:)
Saturday was super fun. Weekly Planning! Love that thing. And it was transfer calls. And guess what. I am being transferred once again! Hahahahahahaha. I swear, there is nothing wrong with me.
Sunday was fun because it was an outgoing fireside. I saw a lot of former investigators in my other areas, and I also say a lot of missionaries and ward members. I loved it. And I got to wear my new red shoes. I told President about you climbing the school building Alex. We are blaming your criminal past for the reason why I had to do Fingerprinting:)
I love Alum Rock. My testimony was strengthened so much, and I have made best friends. I love Sister Tietjen, Sister Livingston, and Sister Weeks. They are like my Sisters. I have struggled a lot with feeling successful, but I have realized that I need to be in Alum Rock for a reason. I have grown so much. I have learned to love so much.
I struggled a little bit feeling worthy. A lot of things I did in the past kept coming back tobother me. I don't know if y'all remember me telling you about the MTC where I prayed because I thought I was going to be stuck, but I told the Lord I would be willing to do anything. And there I felt a great calm and peace, and I felt worthy. So I decided to pray again, and I felt like I wasn't getting an answer. All week I kept turning to D&C 6, and I have ignored it. But one day, after the umpteenth time, I decided to read it, and I finally got the answer to my prayer that I was seeking for all transfer.
Verily, verily, I say unto thee, blessed art thou for what thou hast done; for thou hast ainquired of me, and behold, as often as thou hast inquired thou hast received instruction of my Spirit. If it had not been so, thou wouldst not have come to the place where thou art at this time.15Behold, thou knowest that thou hast inquired of me and I did enlighten thy amind; and now I tell thee these things that thou mayest know that thou hast been benlightened by the cSpirit of truth;
16Yea, I tell thee, that thou mayest know that there is none else save God that aknowest thy thoughts and the bintents of thy cheart.
17I tell thee these things as a witness unto thee葉hat the words or the work which thou hast been writing are atrue.
Verily, verily, I say unto you, if you desire a further witness, cast your mind upon the night that you cried unto me in your heart, that you might aknowconcerning the truth of these things.
23Did I not speak apeace to your mind concerning the matter? What greater bwitness can you have than from God?
24And now, behold, you have received a awitness; for if I have btold you things which no man knoweth have you not received a witness?
32Verily, verily, I say unto you, as I said unto my disciples, where two or three are gathered together in my name, as atouching bone thing, behold, there will I be in the cmidst of them容ven so am I in the dmidst of you.
33aFear not to do bgood, my sons, for whatsoever ye csow, that shall ye also reap; therefore, if ye sow dgood ye shall also reap good for yourereward.
34Therefore, fear not, little aflock; do good; let earth and hell combine against you, for if ye are bbuilt upon my rock, they cannot prevail.
35Behold, I do not condemn you; go your ways and asin no more; perform with soberness the work which I have commanded you.
36aLook unto me in every bthoughtcdoubt not, fear not.
37aBehold the wounds which pierced my side, and also the prints of the bnails in my hands and feet; be faithful, keep my commandments, and ye shall cinherit the dkingdom of heaven. Amen.

San Jose California is my greatest witness and miracle. This mission is amazing. I am so blessed and honored. I feel amazingly loved. I love the Lord and I love y'all! THE CHURCH IS TRUE!

From Syd

My week really starts on Wednesday of last week. We went to help to clean someones house, and Sister Weeks had an allergic reaction and started to freak out. We were all really nervous that she was going to pass out, or something, so we decided to call Sister Abrams. She wouldn't let us though. And then somehow word came out what happened (because we called Sister Abrams behind her back) and we had to go visit President and Sister Watkins.
And I was sitting in that room with them (this is on Thursday), and we all had to talk about our feelings, and I just cried and cried. I was honestly so frustrated with the fighting in the appartment (which I can honestly say I am never apart of, I just stand back), and I was sick of not feeling the spirit. Everyone just felt so sorry for me. It was quite funny.
But this week has been very stressful. After the interview I just felt so tired even though everyone has been so happy. I just felt so lonely and not like a very good person or teacher. Then I went to dinner at a members house so we could visit one of our investigators named Fernando. And last time he made fun of the way I spoke, so I really did not want to speak this time. So I was asked to pray, and I was like dangsnap. And so I did, and he kept going on about my voice, and I just started crying again. And then I was asked to speak at church, and I didn't want to speak because you know, my voice felt a little offended. But I did, but I really needed a blessing. And I really wanted a fathers blessing. I really wanted my daddy to give me a blessing, and I wanted my Father in Heaven to tell me he loved me. Because I was feeling really depressed. Sister Livingston wanted a blessing, so we both asked our Bishop for a blessing. And he gave us one. Sister Livingstons had everything that I wanted Heavenly Father to tell me, and mine just basically said search the scriptures and pray and find your own revelation. I felt super upset because he didn't even tell me He loved me. So I didn't feel any comfort.
But Sister Livingston and I had a great talk afterwards, and I realized how I really did need to seek my own revelation. I have been relying so much on other people to find it for me. I just really thought their might be something wrong with me. Every area after I leave gets all this success, so I was really worried that there is something really wrong with me. Hahaha. But in my blessing I was told to put on the armor of God, so I decided to look it up

Chapter 6

Children should honor their parents—Servants and masters are judged by the same law—Saints should put on the whole armor of God.
 aChildrenbobey your parents in the Lord: for this is right.
 aHonour thy father and mother; (which is the first commandment with promise;)
 3 That it may be well with thee, and thou mayest live long on the earth.
 4 And, ye afathersbprovoke not your cchildren to wrath: but bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.
 aServants, be obedient to them that are your bmasters according to the flesh, with fear and trembling, in singleness of your heart, as unto Christ;
 6 Not with eyeservice, as menpleasers; but as the aservants of Christ, doing the bwill of God from the heart;
 7 With good will doing aservice, as to the Lord, and not to men:
 8 Knowing that whatsoever good thing any man doeth, the same shall he areceive of the Lord, whether he be bond or free.
 9 And, ye amasters, do the same things unto them, forbearing threatening: knowing that your bMaster also is in heaven; neither is there crespect of persons with him.
 10 Finally, my brethren, be astrong in the Lord, and in the power of his might.
 11 Put on the whole aarmour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.
 12 For we awrestle not bagainst cflesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the drulers of the edarkness of this world, against spiritual fwickedness in high places.
 13 Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.
 14 Stand therefore, having your loins agirt about with btruth, and having on the cbreastplate of drighteousness;
 15 And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of apeace;
 16 Above all, taking the shield of afaith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery bdarts of the wicked.
 17 And take the helmet of asalvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God:
 18 aPraying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all bperseverance and supplication for all saints;
 19 And for me, that utterance may be given unto me, that I may open my mouth boldly, to make known the amystery of the gospel,
 20 For which I am an ambassador in bonds: that therein I may speak aboldly, as I ought to speak.
 21 But that ye also may know my affairs, and how I do, aTychicus, a beloved brother and faithful minister in the Lord, shall make known to you all things:
 22 Whom I have sent unto you for the same purpose, that ye might know our affairs, and that he might comfort your hearts.
 23 Peace be to the brethren, and love with faith, from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.
 24 Grace be with all them that love our Lord Jesus Christ in asincerity. Amen.

Which is what I really need to be doing to keep all these negative thoughts out of my head. Satan has really been attacking me, and I have been letting him get to me. I just need to pray better, search the scriptures better, and just be better. So I made some goals for myself:) They are as followed:

Be Honest ALWAYS- You always feel guilty when you lie. IT feels terrible!
2- Be positive- Don't talk about negative things. Don't act negatively, and don't put people down. Look for the postive in everyone.
3-Be patient- people havve different worries and concerns. Don't snap or huff and puff. Be nice to everyone!
4- Be loving- Love everyone. If you talk about someone- say something nice- see people the way the savior would see them. Look for opportunities to serve people.
5- Don't fear! Talk to everyone. Participate always in lessons. Trust the Spirit and the Lord. I know more than I think I know. Don't fear the future. be bold like Alma! These people will never see me again except in the next life. They want to appreciate nmy effort.
6- Always pray- it's a conversation. Invite the spirit when you pray. Don't you dare stop under 5 minutes. Talk! Be honest and focused when you pray. Pray for Heavenly Father, pray for your companions, investigators, family, give thanks always. Leave yourself last. Praying always means forgetting yourself and focusing on others.
7- Remeber Him always- everything around your is his, esspecially your mission. Be grateful for everything all the time. Remembner this is his purpose. Hehave in a way that you would if he was standing right in front of you. He is watching. Have integrity.
8- Repent always- don't try to change others (except through the Spirit;)) change yourself. You have a lot of faults that need to be worked on. Change and try to  be more Christlike.
9- Try always- come home exhasted bc you talked to everyone. You invited everyone to change like you are trying to change. Don't give half, give all. Always bear testimony.

Repent always again- uou always need to repent, even for the little things. Make an effort to change yourself. Always be firm in what you know is true. Change your thoughts, actions, and words immediately. Satan wants you to fail. Pray to the lord for strength to endure.
- Try always again- you can always try harder. Give 110%. Don't you dare look back on your mission and think I could have tried harder. Go home tired and with your goals reached. Pray to the Lord to help you. Help your companion.
Read the BOM Always - read it and love it. Don't be scared to talk about it. Take your time on a verse. STUDY IT! Don't doubt it, it's true. You have prayed about it and recieved an answer. Always continue to pray about it to let your testimony continue to grow.
11- give your life to him- consecrate your life to HIm. Reflect His will and example. ALways pray to know what he want you to do and do it. LEt him Direct your path. After your mission, keep going. Love like Him and be like Him.
12- Be the best missionary I can be and at the end of the mission, go to the temple and ask what you did was enough and had over your mission to him. Everything about it. And make sure you have a lot to give.

13- Do his will always- don't think what I should do- think what he would do. Don't think about yourself, this isn't about you.
14-- Serve him always- with everything yo have. Love him and love will come. Serve him and chance fore service will come. Become better and make sure your mission describes how you will act for the rest of your life.

I am going to try my best to be happy. I have something that should always make me happy! I have the Gospel of Jesus Christ! I am extemely loved by my Heavenly Father and Savior. And Sister Weeks and Sister Livingston had an investigator named Oliver baptized and I helped teach him! A lot of the people that I helped teach are being baptized in my other areas. I am so grateful that I get to plant seeds. I love this work and I am so happy to be here! I love you all:)

Sister Powell

From Syd

ear Family and Friends,
I present to you the too bluntly honest missionary of the week! Last week I had what I call Peeved Missionary Syndrome. I was hanging on a thinnnnnnnnnnnnnn string of very short nerves last week.
Last week was hard in an awesome way. It started on a Tuesday that my poor companion became very ill. I have never felt so cooped up in my LIFE. We are in a quadship so I have other companions, but we decided to split the area so we could do more work. So my usual companion was out of commission, I went on splits with my other companions and one of us would stay with the other. But at night, at like 6, I would be stuck in the apartment. I used to think I would enjoy that, but at last I didn't.
I also thought I was going to die. Apparantly Sister Weeks was a Car Racer back in the Pre-mission day.
During this week, Peeved Missionary Syndrome decided to come at the opportune moment. I would think things, and then theywould pop out of my mouth. I wouldn't even give a thought about it. Until I realized what I said, and I would be like- "Come back words! Come back!"
Everything would put me on edge! I was not a very pleasant person this week. Sister Tietjen thought it was hilarious, but she was delirious. So you know.
During splits, one day, Sister Weeks and I were driving with a member and I wanted to do some work in my area, so we decided to visit Ignocio. There were a lot more cars there than usual, so I was like, oh well more people to teach. We get out of the car and Sister Weeks and I were walking towards the house, and bam! I felt like some football player hit me and was keeping me in place. I couldn't move towards the house. I turned towards Sister Weeks and she looked just as shocked. We both turned around and our poor member present looked so confused. Haha. Bless her little heart. But I never felt such a strong push from the spirit. It was so weird.
We even went back to his house a couple days later, and it was fine. He went to church for the first time in years. It was so cute. He is this little Mexican man. We were talking with him at church and said he wanted to be baptized when he was ready. He also told us that alcohol has been tasting so nasty to him and he has been wanting to drink soda. He said that other missionaries have tried teaching him, and we were the best he has had. But unfortunately, we are going to be giving him up. We both went to a Spanish baptism, and we both thought how needed Ignocio was in the Spanish ward. It's frustrating, because we have given up ALL of our investigators. But we have been blessed so much.
Since Sister Tietjen was so sick, we had to work really hard on Saturday and Sunday to get our lessons. We taught so many people. We also went to the mall and contacted. It was terrible. But I made an appointment to get my haircut (on Monday of course). And I did! It looks really cute. Sister Tietjen got her hair permed. I love going to get my haircuts when I am a missionary. You get a lot of meaningful contacts. I talked to this really cool Buddhist guy and he was asking all the right questions. And a little Chinese hairsylonists said I was sexy. Never been called that before. hahaha. That's why I added that in there. Tehe. Okay. But, we also went laser tagging and IT WAS AWESOME!!!
On Sunday,
I love human beings, but this week was hard in the tolerance level. I have learned to really pray to see people the way that my Heavenly Father sees them. It's amazing how it works. I am so much better now, but I realized I need to be nice and watch what I say all the time (is it okay that I am still bluntly honest in my emails home;)) I have learned when other people start talking about someone, to just start saying something nice about the person and they join in. It really is awesome to just talk nice about people. And It is true what daddy says: Only nonintelligent people can't think of anything to talk about but other people. And I have been working on my intelligence lately;)
I love y'all! I wrote down some requests to send y'all but I can't find them! Hahaha.
Sister Powell
P.S. Read the new Ensign! It's AMAZING!!!!
Pss. I know the church is true!

From Syd

First off, before I begin and forget, I want something from y'all. I want all my convert friends and family to send me their conversion stories. You know who you are:) And I want everyone to send me their testimonies. Everyone! Do it. Hhaha. And also, could y'all send me some Louisiana recipes? Via email ( Elder Clayton is awesome and really wants some. The more recipes the better. He is the best Car Coordinater in the world:)
Sooooo, this week started with DRAMA. I hate drama. Haha. Sister Weeks had a big blow up (first couple weeks is hard in the mission). She would yell at us and we wouldn't know what exactly to do. I have never felt so scared someone was going to go home in my life. And we had no idea it was coming. We didn't do anything to cause it. The blow up(s) was so weird. And she seriously was acting like she was going home. It was going to happen on my watch! So we bought her Chinese food, which didn't help. It just gave us all food poisioning. Hahaha. It gave me the worst kind. Throwing up my friends. I feel like everytime I email you, I have a story about how I get sick. Haha.
 It's been a rough week. Satan really attacked us emotionally and physically. I have never felt so alone in my life, and so unsure. I just questioned everything and why I was even on a mission. I haven't had any "success". I got so many priesthood blessings this week. I just really wanted to hear from my Heavenly Father that everything was going to be okay. I felt like I was making all these phone calls and no one was answering me. Sister Teitjen and I were just so tired from working so hard and not seeing anything. I just felt awful. And it just kept getting worse. Here, Satan really works on your thoughts. He knows exactly what worries you, and I just wanted to scream and rip my hair out. I didn't have peace in my apartment, and I didn't have peace in my head and it was awful. And he attacked our sleeping time. I have had hardly any sleep.
One day we were driving to service when we saw the Jehovah Witnesses spilt up and start knocking on our neighbors doors. THEY LOOK EXACTLY LIKE US. They started to wear skirts and name tags. Ah! haha. And they were about to knock on Vina's (our Indian Investigators Door). I felt so strongly that we had to visit Vina. So we swerved our car James Bond style and hopped out the car and ran to her door in jeans and a t-shirt. We looked those girls up and down and they looked at our nonpros apparel up and down. I felt like I was in Mean Girls. It was awesome. And Vina opened the door. We needed to be there. Her son just gotted kicked out of his home in Fiji. She was so scared the missionaries wouldn't be able to find him. So we asked her if she wanted to pray with us. She chose me to say it even though I was still kinda bugged that he wasn't answering my prayers. Right when I opened my mouth to pray, things just started to pop in my head. I just spoke and it wasn't like I was speaking. I just was filled with so much love and peace. I just started crying as I was praying. Somehow I knew the things she needed to hear, and that her son was going to be okay. I knew that Heavenly Father loved her sooooooooo much. After the prayer and during she just started sobbing. She cried and cried and thanked me. And hugged me and told me I was her daughter. She told me and the other Sisters that she had felt like someone was putting thoughts into her mind and was sitting on her the whole week, and right when I prayed she felt like the person was pushed off. I felt that exact way.
I realized as I was praying for Vina, that I was being amazingly selfish before. God gives me notes of his love and his existence everyday. He answers my prayers. But sometimes he doesn't answer a certain question because I already have the answer. But there are some people, who need their prayers answered through people. He needs help because some of his children don't see those miracles. Vina needed her prayers answered, and I was the missionary there to help Heavenly Father. She needed to tell Heavenly Father something, and she just didn't know how to say it.  I need to be on a mission. Teaching people how to pray, to feel their Saviors love, and helping my companions is so much success. Sister Weeks is doing amazing.  We all had an amazing Companionship Inventory. We went on splits one night and Sister Weeks just told me her gratitude that I was there and how she knew I loved her. She said she never wanted me to go to Brazil and that she prays every night that I won't (meh). That I always made her feel welcome. She thanked me for letting her be herself. I cried, because I had been working so hard all week making her feel loved. I also made her bear her testimony. She was reluctant too, I think she was feeling the same way I was before I prayed for Vina,  and then she said a beautiful testimony that gave me peace and she started crying.  I just love everyone so much here.
I just want y'all to know that I know this Gospel is true. That the Book of Mormon is true. It brings me joy and peace everyday. I know that Jesus Christ is the Savior. He loves us so much. He died for us, and he understands us. And we have an incredibly loving Heavenly Father who sent us to this Earth so we could return to Him as families. He is so incredibly unselfish. He gives us opportunities everyday to work on our families, and he won't ever have a perfect family. He sacrificed that so we could. And all he asks is that we help His children return to him. Don't be scarred of spreading the gospel! Have family home evenings and invite friends. I love you all so much. I love my companions, and we are doing great. I am glad I am here and I can serve.
I love y'all!

Sister Powell

From Syd

Hi my lovely friends and family!

How has life been going? My life has been interesting. And this email is probably going to be really short. haha.

So, Tuesday. Transfer meeting. I was super depressed. Haha. I sat there, and I realized how much I am going to be miss, not only Livermore, but also San Jose California Mission. I sat there and was just like: "This is my last transfer meeting here." and I just started crying. I must have looked pitiful, because President kept apologizing to me. And he tried to give me shoes, but at last, there is none my size. Silly man. 

So at transfer meeting, I was sitting in agony, awaiting my fate. My Zone Leader from Livermore became the Assistant to the President, first transfer, and I was jealous because I wanted mine to be over. But I was like the last one. Haha. I am with Sister Livingston, Sister Tietjan, and Sister Weeks. We are in a quad so when I go to Brazil, it will be a trio. All of them are so awesome. Sister Weeks is fresh out of the MTC. She is super sweet. Sister Livingston and Sister Tietjan are hilarious. They all have blue eyes and I got stinky hazel eyes. Haha. Only issue I have with them:)

The area I am in is super awesome. We have a goal for 42 baptisms and we have high standards in this area. It's awesome! I have yet to be in an area so motivated. And I have been in a lot of areas here. haha

Wednesday was fun. We visited a lot of people. Including some awesome members. The only problem is I felt like the whole entire time that my stomach was going to explode. I had a fever and I was throwing up. My stomach hurt so bad! It had been hurting all week, but it was terrible feeling. I woke up, and my companions told Sister Abrams about it and I was forced to go to the hospital. Meh. And guess what it was! CONSTIPATION. Haha. Meh. I had 4 months worth of waste in my stomach. I haven't used number two since the MTC. Apparantly that is super bad for you and you get super sick if you don't poo. Go figure. I am super sorry parents.I got lots of laxitives though. Yay! The good stuff. 

My hair has been horrible here. It's been super depressing.

I have one miracle to say. We needed a new investigator. We were looking in our area book and we saw this lady Jeanette who was dropped. So we decided to go visit her and she said she had been waiting for us for 2 years! It was super awesome and now she is our new investigator. And this guy gave me his number at the Library and I think he thinks we are going on a date. He is going to be dissappointed when I have someone else with me and we teach about the Book of Mormon. haha.

I love y'all so much! I hope you are happy and in the words of my mission President:

Me (on the phone): I'm doing good! How are you?
President: I'm doing good. I'm pretty regular.

I hope you are all regular! I'll more next time. The world seems to not want me to email.

Sister Powell