Thursday, September 4, 2014

From Sydney

Another week as a missionary, and it was awesome. I love being a missionary, and waking up each morning with the purpose of serving one of Heavenly Father's children, and serving my Savior. I don't know how other people function (Poor SisterFuimaono).

I find that summers everyone kinda disappears. It's like: where you at?

You knock on peoples door, and if the happen to be active members, you see them on Sunday with sunburns, and those hawkward sunglasses permanently traced around their eyes. It's quite unfortunate for them, and if they had just been at home where they should have been, it would have never happened. I'm just saying. Moral of that paragraph: don't have lives so when missionaries pop on by they have someone to visit.

Monday was another P-day. We didn't have dinner because our dinner cancelled. Annie <- pointing that arrow at you Annie. She is this Italian woman who I can't decide is absolutely crazy, or completely sane and saner than everyone around her. We taught her a lesson in the foyer on Sunday, and we shared with her a scripture about repentance. She went to tell us that she is perfect, and doesn't need to repent. We said a prayer with her, and went on to the next foyer where I was stalking this homeless guy to see what he was doing here, when a woman from Out Reach, people who drive around people who are disabled, walks into the foyer asking for an old disabled woman named Anna. I'm like, whose Anna? We got no old woman named Anna in this church. And then I think of a semi old woman who is sitting in the lobby who isn't exactly disabled. So, we tell her we will find "Anna". 

We walk up to Annie on the other side of the church, and we see her just sitting. We ask who is picking her up, and she says Out Reach. We proceed to tell her that they are there waiting on the other side for her. And she pulls out this walker that she does not need. She tells me "Oh thank you Sister for telling me! I don't really need this, but I need a ride." She starts walking, and she puts the walker (the silver one with four legs) bended underneath her armpit. Just walking.

Like I said, either crazy or saner than sane.

Anyhow, enough of Annie.

We are completely organizing our area. We are going down the list of our Ward Directory and visiting everyone. We have been working on our area books. It's amazing what happens when you strive for order. 

We have two new investigators: Brian the atheist guy we met a couple weeks ago, and Rosalie.

We walked into the wrong apartment complex, and we heard this guy yell: "Mormons!". We look over and we see Brian. He kept asking why we hadn't come to his apartment, we were like: uhhhhhh. And he told us he had been reading the Book of Mormon, and he would like to learn more. We are like, okay we'll see you.

I told him during another lesson because he was asking what would happen if he married Sister Stevenson and she died, and what would happen if he married me, and I died. Who would he end up with? I told him he reminded me of the Sadduceesin the Bible: because they didn't believe in God, and they were sad-u-ceeHahaha. He didn't think that was funny. 

We are probably going to give Brian over to the Elders.

Rosalie is this awesome woman who is so prepared. She was a referral from the Spanish Hermanas. She wants to be baptized. She kept asking questions that we could answer! It was awesome. 

We had a pet for about 2 minutes one day. We saved a baby bird from being eaten by cats. And we didn't know what to do with him, because you can't have pets, and none of our neighbors wanted to take care of him. So we put him outside, and we turned around, and there was a porcupine! Or something that I thought was a porcupine. Really it was a skunk. We ran up the stairs faster than cheetahs. And watched helplessly as the skunk walked towards the bush we just put our baby bird in, and we heard our baby bird squeal, and cry, and the skunk dragged him away. It was so sad. And the reason why the white handbook says don't keep pets.

Listening to the spirit is important. One day, I was sitting just pondering, and I asked Sister Steveson what we would do if our dinner's wife wasn't home? Nect minute we went to dinner, and he answers the door. We walk in, and we hear noise in the kitchen. So we think his wife is in the kitchen. He grabs our food (three plates) while we are sitting down at the table waiting for everyone to come in, and we sit there. 

"So, who is in your family?"

"I have two sons, and a wife, and a Sister-in-Law. They are picking someone up right now. They should be home any minute."

We panic inside so bad. I am like "what do we do?!" "Why didn't I listen to that thought this morning?" "Why does everything bad I say happen?" haha. Seriously though. I am never saying a bad thing ever again. haha.

So we decide to eat on the front porch. His wife never came home. Always listen to the Spirit is the moral of that little story.

Something that I have learned to really love on my mission is prayer. I love to pray so much. Miracles happen when you sincerely pray. Something that Elder Nelson asked us to do is pray for those whose ancestors are praying for them above so they can get their work done. And I always forget to pray for that. But every time I do, we run into this girl named Elizabeth. Friday we prayed for that, and someone parks right in front of us, and it's Elizabeth! I am just in shock at the moment. And we teach her another lesson, and she decides she wants to get her Grandma's work done.

Being a missionary is awesome. I never ever want to go home. I love being on the errand of my Heavenly Father. I have also learned the importance of following promptings, even when the outcome you thought was going to happen, doesn't happen. It happened all week long, but we saw soooo many miracles. 

I love you guys so much. Remember that the church is true. 

Chau Chau pica-pous!

Sister Powell in California 

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