Monday, September 29, 2014

The Final Letter-Sydney

You know. I spoke at the outgoing missionary fireside yesterday. It was awful. Hahaha. I was second to last, and it was so weird. I literally never thought I would be up there saying goodbye to my mission. I never thought I would say goodbye to San Jose after 18 months, and it hurt so bad. 

I worked so hard last week. We taught EVERYONE. We got 72 lessons, and we worked so hard to testify of the restored Gospel, and of Jesus Christ to everyone. And it felt so good to just work. No lunches, no breaks, just teaching. And I didn't think about going home. 

I feel so sad. So tired. And like so weird. The whole week, I felt like there was a warm feeling in my chest filling this hole, and now I really really feel it. That hole, and I think it was the Holy Ghost helping a girl out, and after the outgoing, just sort of slipping out. Slowly. And now the hole is here in my chest, and I know I have to go home. No more denial. But I really love my mission. I really love this place. 

Two years ago, I received my mission call. I remember being so impatient for Alex to open hers. And she was taking forever! And she was crying, and I knew she felt the spirit when she opened her call. And I was so ready to open mine and feel like I needed to go where it said. And I opened it up, and it said the Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission, and I felt disappointed. And it was weird, and I didn't want to tell anyone that I was disappointed. But I was.

I started my mission in the Provo MTC with Sister Corbitt. The MTC was the roughest transfer of my mission. Poor Sister Corbitt had to deal with moody Sister Powell- horrible dreams, lehi dreams, demons, depression, insecurity, and loneliness. But Sister Powell also had to deal with moody Sister Corbitt also;) I love that girl. We grew so much together. My faith in the Plan of Salvation grew so much with her. I loved her testimony. I loved the way she taught. I know we will be friends forever. 

I also learned about the importance of the Priesthood Power. I remember three days in to my MTC stay- 3 days with no sleep, whispers that I shouldn't be there, and just anger, I decided to get a Priesthood Blessing. And the moment that two young Elders laid their hands on my head, I felt like it fled. And I knew that that power was true. And I knew that Heavenly father loved me so much. And I could complete my mission no matter what. I don't know where those Elders are, but I know I needed to be in their district so they could give me that blessing.

And then Sister Corbitt left, and I got a preview of my mission. Sister Parks became my companion. She taught me so much from her ability to just love. She loved unconditionally and with her whole heart. She was so patient with my slow learning of Portuguese. And I remember the night we got our new assignments, and I didn't get one. And I was the only missionary in my district not to get a reassignment, and I was so confused, and scared I would be in the MTC for the rest of my Visa waiting experience. I remember going into the bathroom, and just yelling at God. Demanding him to send me out of that place. And I remember crying, but then thinking of how important everyone of God's children were, and that I would serve missionaries in the MTC if that was God's will. And I told him to send me anywhere- to the mission president, to the missionaries, and to the people that needed me. I told Him that His will was mine. And I would be willing to serve here in the MTC for as long as he needed. And the next day, I received my temporary mission assignment to the San Jose California Mission. And I felt excited. I was going where the Lord wanted me to go.

And I got here and I was so tired. I spent the night before with no sleep, and something trying to kill me. And I was out of it. And we met the Watkins at the airport, and I remember thinking- Man, President Watkins can talk a lot. And Sister Watkins is really intimidating. I didn't realize how much they would change my life. 

My first area was Yuerba Buena with Sister Hall and Sister Jones. I served there for 5 days, and it was amazing. I loved serving with those Sisters. I loved being in that ward. I loved those people for the small moment I was there. And then one day there was a rumor that there was going to be an ET, and that Sister Hall might be the one ETed. And I just remembering thinking- it's going to be ETed. And next thing you know, I am in President Watkins office, and he is asking me if it is okay if he transfers me to El Camino. And I already knew my answer, because I made a deal with God that I would go wherever he wanted me. And I was transfered to El Camino.

El Camino has a very special place in my heart. I loved being Sister Zidek's companion. We both did not know Spanish, we were brand new, and not trained. But we decided to work hard, and set really high goals. We were obedient so that our area could flourish. Sister Zidek taught me so much. She taught me to be the best missionary I could be. I remember she sitting me down one day, and telling me that it was time for me to be a missionary. I knew then that I needed to step up. I felt the spirit so much. The spirit helped us to teach in a language we didn't know, and teach everyone we saw. He told us where to be. He was always there with us. Sister Zidek helped shape me in to the missionary I wanted to be.

When I was transferred from El Camino, it was hard. But I knew I needed to go. So go I went, and I was transferred to Livermore with Sister Fuimaono. I loved Sister Fui. She taught me not to care about numbers. She taught me to just love the people, and love your companion, and be obedient, but have fun. Laugh..alot. Livermore was my old people place. And it was so fun to visit so many old ladies and make their day. It was fun to open an area, and have no idea what to do. It was fun to try to figure it out with relying on the Holy Ghost. And he guided us all the time to people who needed us. 

And then I was transferred to Alum Rock where my companions were Sister Tietjen, Sister Weeks, and Sister Livingston. And we were a quadship. I learned so much from those Sisters. They are amazing. I think the most important thing I learned from Alum Rock was to recognize miracles even when no one was answering the door. To celebrate each night that we at least testified to one person that the Heavenly Father loved them. And to dance and laugh. I also learned how important it was to have the spirit in your home. Because your house should be treated like a temple. I learned to serve even my companions. I wanted our quadship to work. I wanted us to love one another. And in the end, I loved those Sisters so much for different reasons. 

And then I was transferred to the Tongan program with Sister Funaki. And I was back in my El Camino apartment with Sister Hall and Sister Raney. And I loved being in the Tongan Program. We were a whole lot of miles from our area, so we did a lot of finding where we were. It was fun. And I remember one day studying, and realizing that I wasn't going to get my visa, and crying. Sister Hall helped me so much. I am so glad she was my roommate and my companion at one time, because I don't I would have had that connection with her. And I am glad I did. And then we were ETed to Menlo Park, and we lived in an apartment complex with the other Tongan Sisters and Samoan Sisters. With Sister Funaki I learned about love, and not giving up. I learned about how everyone was my family no matter how different we are. And I started to treat everyone I met like my family, and love them just like my own. I am so grateful to Sister Funaki for teaching me that. I love her so much.

And then after three transfers, I was transferred to Pleasanton where I met one of my best friends in the world- Sister Palmer. I loved serving with her. She taught me so much about strength, and peace. She taught me to relax, take breaks, and just be still. And she was such a strength to me when I didn't get my Visa. I needed Sister Palmer. She was a tender mercy. 

And in Pleasanton, I finally felt the spirit testify to me that I was where I needed to be. That I had been in my mission this whole entire time. It was the greatest feeling I have ever felt.

I was so sad when she was gone. But I am so glad I got to help the Chinese Program with Sister Yu. Sister Yu is the most loving person you will ever meet. She has the coolest testimony, and she taught with pure and simple doctrine. She taught me to love the basics. I loved serving with her. I said my most heartfelt prayers with her. 

And then I was transferred to my last area with Sister Steg. And she taught me to forgive and to let go of things that happened in my past. She taught me to have a purpose. We healed from pain together. I needed her so much. I love when I see her. She is the strongest person I know. I learned so much about the Gospel and the Atonement with her. She is the epitome of a dedicated servant of the Lord who loved and was a missionary.

And then I got Chill Sister Stevenson, who loves everything that I love. And is so loved by the Lord. She just has blessing poured down on her all the time. People swarm to her by the way she is able to relate. I have never felt so blessed, and seen so much success, and I know it was because of her. She is going to do great things.

I have been in so many areas and had so many companions, but I have loved every bit of it. And I realized that it was just important that I loved them. And I did. I loved every area and every companion with all my heart. I loved my mission and I loved the Lord enough to do everything he told me to do. I trust him, and I love him. And I know I am ending my mission exactly where I needed to be. I am so grateful for your support. See you on Wednesday!

Sister Powell 

Last one standing.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Letter from Sydney's Bishop

Photos From Sydney...Finally

From Sydney

Hi Family!

The lovely women in the middle is named Kim Macdonald. About a month ago she walked into Dry Creek saying she wanted to be baptized. A month later, she was! After tons of zits and hair loss and the devil trying his very best to not let her baptized, she was baptized by someone holding the proper authority of God. And it was amazing! And what is even more amazing, that all these lovely Sisters next to her because of their faith, helped her have that desire to be baptized creating an eternal family of Sisters. 

My oh my (don't I sound like Alex right now? haha) was it a roller coaster this week. 

We did not meet with Kim all week! And we had one more lesson to teach her before her interview with President Mella which in it self was pratically impossible to set up! Everyone needed to meet with him this week.

And for some reason no one wanted to see us. What's new. Haha. And did I mention we stalked our investigator last week as she was ignoring us? Annoying. And Terry Ray dropped us! Hung up the phone on us. So basically, it's all part of missionary work. Haha.

But we finally met with Kim, the day of the interview. haha. And then President Mella had an emergancy come up so he had to send President Davis, which took a couple minutes. But President Davis was awesome. He walked out and told us that she was so prepared, and needed to be baptized immediately. Which was such a relief to Kim, and truly so nice to hear. I knew she was but I needed that confirmation.

The baptism comes up the next day. And there is a parade! And people are stuck trying to find another way around to find the church. Haha. 

But I just want to tell you how amazing the actual act was. Kim had so much faith that if she was baptized everything she had down in the past would be washed away. She would be reborn. I have never taught someone that had that much faith about the actual baptism. She just knew it would happen. And after she was lifted from the water, I could literally see her change into a different person. She became more confident, and it looked like dirt and weight was taken from her. And she was glowing. And so happy. And a new person.

It was an amazing experience. Share the gospel everyone! You don't have to be a full time missionary to experience this joy. It's awesome.

I love you family!!

Sister Powell

From Alex--Her Last Email

Well its time. Its time to say goodbye to the best 18 months for my life what a rollercoster of 18 months it has been. From the MTC to NYC to Brazil. My mission has been full of laughter, boldness, miracles, heartbreaks, but over all love :) Iy has been literally the fastest months of my life. I feel like it started yesterday and now like a dream its over.
Ive always wanted to be a missionary. People always ask "Why did you decide to serve a mission?" I never know what to say. haha I always knew that God wanted me too and I always knew I would. I knew that God loved me and I loved Him so I went. It was the easiest decision I have ever made and the only thing I have been sure of. Te be a missionary is easy for me. I love it more then anything. I am so thankful for you guys who made it possible.
You already know that my mission has been completely different then I have ever imagined. I was sure I would go straight to Brazil. And then it didnt happen. But then I went to the MTC in Provo where I now know I needed to be. There I learned that I wanted to give my will to God, which started my theme for my mission. I am still learning to give my whole self to God. My will was to come straight here. But God He had a plan and sent me to NYC. Where I learned the importance of obedience, love, patience, and endurance (plus many more things) I learned to be a missionary and to be a member. I loved every part of NYC. I loved Jamaica, Richmond HIll, the missionaries, the members, and the spirit there. The only hard part about my time there was learning to trust God.
Then I found out that I had my Visa my whole mission and went to Brazil. To which I had to us everything I learned in NYC. I learned here to put boldness to action, that I love PMG and I am a preach my gospel missionary, and to always follow God even when its hard. I have failed here but I have learned I can be strong as well and really trust God and just go with HIs will. I had so much fun in Brazil. I love every moment here as well. I can honestly say I love this mission. I love brazil. I love the people here, I love the food, and really words cant describe it. I feel God´s love for this country. And I am leaving a part of my heart here. I will miss it so much.
My mission was the best mission for me. The NYNY Sth, Brazil Salvador Mission. It was a mission made for me. I can tell you that I know God´s will is the best. His timing and His ways are different then ours and all we have to do is trust. Trust Him and give our Life to Him. God knew my mission from the beginning to the end. He knew how my mission would be, He knew what I needed. My mission was a mission. haha Missions are never easy. They change you if you let it and it hurts to change. But its the best accomplishment in the world. I am not the same and I never will be. I am forever changed and forever changing. If people looked at the outward success of my mission they would probably think it was a failure. haha And to be honest it has been hard for me to work so hard and give my all without seeing a lot of the results. But I know that numbers are not success and my mission was a miracle and had miracles. Even it may seem one of the only converts was myself. But in the end that is one of the most important things bc I will continue on. In the words of President Calderwood "You never die from your mission." Its true if you do, you wasted months of you life. And I wont. I will give my life to God. I have learned that God has a plan for me. I will follow it. I continue to be a missionary. I will always remember that the members are the key and are as well missionaries. :)
This will not be the best 18 months of my life. God has more in store and I am excited to see what it is bc I have noooo idea what I will do. hahaha But I know it will be awesome bc I know that I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ that has the fulness of the Gospel and the Priesthood authority. We have prophets,  we have direction, and through the standards we can have happiness. So of course my llife will be awesome! I have the Gospel and God with me.
Well Ill see you friday. I will be the Exotic looking missionary ;) I will probably look lost and emotional. hahaha Oh and I expect good food.
Always remember that faith is always pointed towards the future... The BEST is yet to be.
Sister Powell

From Sydney

I spent like so long not sleeping. I was in pain. I can't describe how hard it was just to stay awake during the day. I was working so hard, but apparently the light just was out in my eyes. Every just kept saying I looked terrival. I was like: my bad.

When I finally got to sleep, it was of horrible things. Like dreams I had when I was in the MTC. Things I had no idea why I was dreaming, and things I used to do that I am not to terribly proud of.

Monday we were emailing and this woman named Illysa called. She said she wanted to learn more about the church, but she had to call us back because it was a bad time. So she hung up. And then we spent the rest of the day doing the normal. The next day we had interviews with President Mella. Sister Stevenson was first up for the interview after we rock paper siczored it. I sat there waiting. Contemplating what the odds were if I hid, if they would ever find me. Haha. I would never have to go home! But then the phone rang, and it was Illysa. I started talking to her, and then she got flirty with me and I was like...uhhh. Girl friend kinda estrango. So she did the same I have to hang up right now thing, and she hung up. And then it was my turn for interviews.

President Mella is a very loving man. He is more emotional than structured. He is a terrible lair too. Haha. He showed me my "life". It was a pretty impressive life. I have never seen so many companions in or areas. It was pretty funny. And then he asked me who was my trainer, and I said I wasn't trained. And then he was like so you came into the mission pretrained? And was like: yep. And then he was like: did you come from a different mission. And I was like: you already know the answer to this I see the notes you have on me right there next to your pen: Visa Waiter. But I went a long with it. I told him I was a Visa Waiter, and I didn't say what mission. Then he asked me about my family, and I explained that Alex was in Brazil. And he was like why didn't you make it to Brazil! (how many times can you say like in a

The man blew his cover just like Abinidi. Ah well. I told him because the Lord wanted me to be here. And then we talked about other things. I talked about my lack of sleeping. And I told him what the dreams were about. And it was really nice to talk about it out loud. I was just crying like a baby. Go figure. 

He told me that Satan really doesn't like Missionaries. He uses anything against them. 

And he has been. Satan has been giving me really low blows lately. I really don't care for him.

After that we saw Thevamani. She is so cute. She prayed about the Book of Mormon. 

And you know, it was another week that no one was home, but there was always some one that was their neighbor outside to teach. I love teaching people on the streets. It is so awesome to learn stories.

The next day, Illysa called like every hour. She answered to the phone to Sister Stevenson as Princess Isabelle. And later, after she kept asking for me and calling me sweetie, she called herself Gisabelle, and coughed like Gollum. I was like: Girl friend is a little creepy. 

I think she got the hint though, because she hasn't called back. Know idea how she got our number though.

We had a lesson with Kim this week too. She is getting baptized this Saturday. She is still struggling with smoking. So keep her in your prayers! But Sister Stevenson is just so awesome! She just promised her blessings left and right.

We found Rosalie! She was in the hospital. But she is okay and still alive! For now. Keep her in your prayers too!

On Sunday, came to church again! I love when every member in the family comes to church.

I love you. I know this church is true. It would be so hard if it wasn't. This work and God's purpose. It super hard, and he has put a lot of trust in such lazy things. Haha. I decided after Sister Zidek and Sister Livingston sent me cards in the mail (2090 Southwest Expressway #90 San Jose, CA 95126 for Aunt Carrie:)) and both urged me to get a blessing, that I really needed to get one. I got one from Elder Barlow. I was invited to pray before it, and I just couldn't finish the prayer because I was crying so hard. And then Sister Stevenson came to finish the prayer for me, and then she started crying, and then Elder Barlow was crying, and newbie Elder Farley was like...what's going on. Haha.

And it was so nice to hear Heavenly Father. He told me that my mission was hard, and I had gone through a lot of trials, but he was proud of the way I handled it. And it was interesting because he also talked about a scripture I studied really hard when I was transferred from El Camino. It was about Jesus Christ, and how He was sad to leave his friends and this Earth. But we need to make sacrifices. He made sacrifices. I am so grateful for the Priesthood. And I am excited to go home (not really) but be the best missionary I can possibly be. 

I saw my Yuerba Buena Bishop! I saw his wife first and she didn't recognize me at first. And then he came out, and he was like Hermana! And started to speak really fast in Spanish...yeah. But I explained to them that I served in their ward for only 5 days. They recognized me immediately when I said that I was the one that started bearing my testimony in Portuguese. She was so excited: "I translated for you!"

I love my mission. I love being Sister Powell. I love this work. I love my Heavenly Father! Feed the missionaries! And feed them Salads:)

From Alex

Well, I am starting my last week and feel the will to throw up (thats how they say that here) hahaha I can honestly say I am so confused how it is already time to have a last week because I remember my first week like yesterday. I remember leaving the car and saying goodbye. I remember getting my name tag and being so proud. I remember feeling so lost with Sister Mann because we left our schedules in the room. I remember us praying for forgiveness because we slept during workout time. hahahaha And just wanting to be the best missionary ever. Perfect in everyway. hahahaha thats funny now. Even though it feels like yesterday alot has happened between then and now. I feel older. A lot older and actually kinda like its time. Ive learned and will continue learning. I feel like it is time to have this last week and I am going to kill it. hahaha I am so glad that no one can ever say I was a trunky missionary and everyone is going to say sister powell she worked until the end. To tell you the truth I am all packed... haha I am just going home with one suitcase with my books, planners, and 3 dresses. I packed that way I just dont have to worry about it and just be like... OH its time? I guess lets go. and that way I can work and not worry. So I am for sure still Alex. haha
Well this week was good. Valdete and Maria da Gloria wont be getting married this transfer :/ But thats okay! I know that God´s timing is everything and that they will get baptized!! They are still going strong and are excited to start family history work. The ward even gave them responisbilities (I can not remember how to say or spell that word). haha and we are teaching them hymn bc they dont know how to read! It is so fun to see the joy in their eyes. I love them so much.
We taught the family of Andreia this week. We taught the plan of salvation. You guys I am speaking so well. It is so fun because I can be fun when I teach and creative :) I made the lesson super interactive and they learned so well! They didnt go to church :/ but I just know they will this week! Because I will guilt trip the whole world into going! haha
We are really teaching so many wonderful people. I feel so blessed.
Can I tell you something I have learned on my mission. I am very very bold... haha I mean I respect the agency of others but when I do not agree with something I say it. Or when something isnt getting done I get it done. I do not have a fear of calling people to repentence. And its fun. hehe We had a zone meeting this week and the missionaries asked my opinion and I just gave it. After an elder came up to me and said, "You know people respect you bc you are bold but nice and funny about it. And after you say you mind everyone wants to be better." It made me feel better. haha I was kind worried that I was coming off wrong. But its good to know.
It was a good week. Slow bc of the rain and brazilians are scared of rain. But still good :) I know the next one is going to be the best week ever! I am going to give it everything! and invite the world! Be brave! And know I love and pray for you!

Sister Powell

Monday, September 8, 2014

From Alex

Weeks go by sooooooooooo fast. I dont even know how it is alreadt week 5. It is so crazy. 

This week was really good. We did a lot of look ups this week trying to find the people that the ward knows nothing about and Ill be honest we only found one person. hahaha But he is amazing. His name is Wellington and we found him on saturday. He moved here 15 years ago before the church was here and he was super excited to see us! He has a daughter and a wife. So we are going to work with them, it was a real mirchle.

We walked a lot this week and walked more. We found out lots of people have moved. So we are cutting the list down.

We had some good lessons this week! We were running late tuesday and we almost decided to tell Bruna and Andreia that we would pass by another day. But when we went the Husband was there! So we taught him, while teaching I had the impression that we had to teach him more in a fun way. We did and the spirit was super strong and he opened up to us. He said to come back! I was super sad because they didnt come to church :/

Valdete and Maria da Gloria :) We are finishing up their lessons and hopefully tomorrow we here good news about their papers!! That way they can be married and baptized next week! I would really love to see it. I don't want to sound selfish but it would be an awesome way to finish a mission! I would love to see their smiles on their face :) SO pray real hard right now! haha Not for me but for them.

We are teaching a man named Julho. I don't remember if I already told you guys about him but I talked to him one night and then we went back and he was super receptive. We had a lesson to help him start to read the book of Mormon and earlier he had said he was having a hard time. While he was talking I remember Mosiah 23 and read it to him. It was super powerful. After he told us that he tried to make it big in soccer and he was almost there, but he got into drugs so he had to come home. After he got super involved in his church and is clean but now his fiance doesnt like him. Sad but true. So the scripture was perfect! It is amazing how the spirit works.

This week we decided to do a blitz and bless the peoples homes here. It is funny because people here are exactly like the people in NYC. haha "I cant pray with you. I am catholic." And I just say... Its just a prayer. hahahahaha But we had a good experience! We were singing hymns to a women on here porch and a man on his bike just stopped and listened and asked for more. He then said thank you and that he needed to hear the voice of angels right that minute and kept on going. 

Do you know what I not liked my whoooollle mission. Ward counsel. Well we went sunday and it was really interesting. hahaha But cool thing is they want to visit less actives now! Yay!! But something I get bugged about is when people so how can we help the missionaries. When they asked to hear about our investigators after we told them about them I said I wanted to say a few words and I ended up saying something like this, "I would like to say a few things. First off I want to stop hearing how can we help the missionaries. I was called to serve your ward and help you guys with the missionary work here in your ward. I am leaving here and you guys are staying. I read a talk that said that the members are the keys here. The sisters and I walk day after day inviting people to hear the gospel and it isnt working. Their is a better way and it is you. Each one of you all have friends ready to accept the gospel, be baptized, and be sealed in a year. Love them enough to invite them. We are all missionaries and you guys have more power then the missionaries. Use it. I want to invite you as leaders to invite one friend this week. I know if you guys start our ward will as well. I am leaving in 2 week and I promise you I will do the same. I will be the key." after that no one talked for a while. And then Brother Lucas stood up and said she is right. It needs to change. 

I hope it does. Satan likes to makes us feel comfortable and lazy. He makes us afraid to share the gospel. I will be honest I am so tired of walking streets inviting people. I want to hear one day that brazil has change, that the world has changed that the missionaries are helping the members.. Be brave this week. I always say that. But I havent once (well besides mckenzie, bradyn, and maybe one other person) heard a story about yall sharing the gospel. Sorry if thats harsh... But let my mission have helped you guys help someone elses life be blessed. That would make my mission complete in my eyes. So all you members out there. I want to hear a story next week. Pray and God will help you.

Sister Powell

From Sydney

I am not sleeping! It's been lovely. Haha.

When you don't sleep you hear everything. EVERYTHING! And it's kinda annoying. We have this annoying fire alarm. It's awful. Beep. Beep. Beep. Take the battery out. Beep. Beep. Beep. Hit it with a broom. Beep. Beep. Beep. The power goes out. Beep. Beep. Beep. Sister V snoring louder than Grandpa Powell. Beep. Beep. Beep. Sister Stevenson talking about bacon in her sleep. Beep. Beep. Beep. It's like. Porque? The nice sound of humans fighting outside doesn't even cover it up. 

I have been doing a lot of studying. I figured since I can't sleep, I'll just learn. The thing is I can still function even though I am so tired, but I just can't sleep. I probably fall asleep around 4:00 am, and I just dream. Annoying dreams too. I wake up and exercise is a struggle. It's an exercise to walk. Haha. I don't look in the mirror at all. I just get dressed in my easiest clothes that don't require ironing, and then I flop down on the most awesome couch ever. It has seen it's fair share of Sisters, but I think I might sneak it on the plane. I love that thing. Haha.

This week has been awesome, and so weird. Haha. 

We got a call from the Willow Glen Sisters saying there was a potential investigator that needed service down. We go to her home, and it's this super old lady name Eleanor. She is 93 and we sit there and she just starts talking, and then she asks if we are willing to do the job. And we are like, uhhhhhh. Yeah? She thought we were going to be there every single day helping her move to a new place in the Willow Glen area. I was like: que? Como? Mufasa? What's in your oxygen tank?

Her friend Pat explains all these terrifying things to us: how to charge her scooter, how to make sure her oxygen is working, how to lock up her house. And I am just so confused. I was like: what was I just volunteered to do?

So we help her. Not every day or every minute, thank goodness. It was so funny. I have never seen anyone own so much alchohol. She had all these funny games that were so inappropriate that she forgot she had. So it was really fun to just shock her. But we taught her the plan of salvation. And she became a new investigator...for the Willow Glen Sisters. Haha.

We also went on exchanges for a few hours on Thursday so the Santa Teressa Sisters could pass off an investigator to us. Sister Stevenson went to the appointment with Sister Packard, and Sister Hansen (I will never know how to spell her name) went with me. I have never realized how happy people are. Especially Sister missionaries. Sister Missionaries get this voice, and they are so bubbly. It's weird. And tiring. Haha. We taught the Vindiolas. It was the Restoration, which I was super scared to teach them. But Charlie's girlfriend was there and she never heard of Joseph Smith except in APUSH. So I decided that we needed to teach her that. Poor Sister Hanson was so confused, but she did great, and went with it. And it turned out so well. I was so happy. And we learned that Charlie believes in Joseph Smith! Which is awesome. Carlos doesn't though which is okay. We know where he stands.

We also taught Dianne this week. Her english is getting so great!

And you know, I don't like when people cancel on us. It makes me sad.

But we taught so many people this week.

I taught District Meeting. It was about bearing testimony. I have a strong testimony, that testimony is awesome. That it's so cool that the Holy Ghost decides to bear his testimony through us, and that's why we get this super awesome warm feeling. And it's so cool that when we bear our testimonies with the Spirit we create an atmosphere where a member of the God head can dwell. It's soooo important to bear your testimony in your home. Do it!

I was speaking to a guy the other day in English thinking he was speaking in English. And I kept looking at Sister Stevenson thinking she would back me up, but apparantly he was speaking Spanish. Haha. Yay! 

I spoke chinese with a woman in my ward. She kept looking at my name tag in confusion. Then she spoke to me, and I was like....uhhhhhhhh. I am all speak and no understand. Haha.

So enough of me being proud of my gift of tongues:)

I am having small panic attacks. It's crazy how fast missions go. I just want to go on a billion others. There is seriously nothing better. Sorry I'm not excited to go back to Louisiana, I'm just going to miss my home. And it is. I am loving every minute of it.

I studied Mosiah 4 and I am so glad I picked that for my plaque:)

I love you so much!

Sister  Powell

AND A HUGE MIRACLE HAPPENED!!! Carlos came to church. I could've cried. It was the most beautiful moment of my mission. 

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Pictures from Alex because Syd never sends any


From Alex

We went to the beach and an elder stepped on a sea urchin. Yeah... Well long story short we spent about two hours trying to get the splinters out and then we he ended up having to go to the hospital. hahaha

I am working so hard. I told a member that I dont even feel like I am going home because I dont feel tired. I am obsessed with helping this ward and helping my investigators. And I am so tired :) its amazing.

We are cleaning up the ward list. Our luck the church has only been in the abrantes for 5 years. So we only have 208 members 100 of which are less active. We know that about 60 of them are still here and 40 we have no idea where the live. So we are going to find them and start working way more with less actives! It is way fun and takes planning. We actually did an activity with the relief society this week were we split the ward list and went and looked up a lot of people. This ward is amazing and really wants to help! We are trying to change the vision of the missionaries being seperate to being part of the ward and it is really working.

Besides the miracles with our ward we are also seeing miracles with our investigators.
We are still waiting to hear about the papers of valdete and Maria da Gloria. We are going to fast real hard and hopefully we will have a wedding and baptism next week!!

Andreia and Bruna :) My wonderful miracles. They came to church this week! And really liked it a lot. We had a powerful lesson with them. We talked about the chapter where Jesus visited the Nephites. We asked why she thought baptism was important. She said so that we can be clean and change our lives. After she said: Sisters... I need and want to change. How can I? To which I said: You can. We have this way. You can change with the Atonement of Jesus Christ and of which with the authority of christ you can use completely and become clean. His church has this authority. Can we prepare you and help you start your life on this road and help you use this authority: She is preparing to be baptised :) Just needs to get married. haha

We are teaching so well. So clearly and with power as well. It has been such a miracle. And really nice.

I feel like I am just learning to be a good missionary and now I have to go soon. I really dont feel like I am. But I am giving all that I can and I know that God will do the rest.

I love you all!


Sister POwell

From Alex

Hey Family! I am loving the Abrantes. Really though, I am working so hard. When I sit down I start to sleep. hahaha This week I really worked on using the scriptures more in my teaching and this has really helped actually to see miracles. I speak clearer and people are understanding the lessons better. Its way awesome!
We are working so hard and I am having so much fun with Sister Do Vale. She is so sweet and cute. We are actually a lot alike. We can walk and not say anything for a little bit and be fine. But we love to talk and learn together. Which I love that we are both willing to learn and that we both want to work even when we are dead tired. She is so willing to be obedient as well and doesnt mind that I am strict with numbers and with rules. She is actually excited about it which makes me happy :)
We are teaching a lot of people and none of them are married. Haha They are all progressing though and it really is a miracle! For instance Valdete and Maria da Gloria (mary of the glory. haha) There son was baptised and after that they have continued to go to church. They  are actually working on their papers and hopefully I can see them get married in the next couple of weeks and baptised. I would actually like that. Maybe you guys could pray for that?

Do yall remember how Luan took us to see a couple of familes. Well one of them is really progressing. Bruna (the daughter) and Ariana. Ariana loves everything that we are saying. She believes Joseph Smith was a prophet and the BOM is true. She has all of her kids sit and listen when we come and one time when she said the prayer she thanked God for inspring Luan to have us visit with him. She isnt married and her husband has drinking problems but I just know that they will be baptised.
We are really praying to find a family with no serious problems with the word of wisdom and who is actually married. haha It feels almost impossible but I just know that they is a family waiting for us to teach them about the temple and how they can go there. I just want to help these people so much. I love them and want to do all I can do to help them before I leave. I know God will help me :)
We had stake conference as well! We didnt have Elder Cook like yall! But we had President and Sister Lisonbee who are just so amazing!
Well I am having fun and pretending I am never going home. Syd we never die from our missions. Thats an awful thing to say. haha (I am totally a NYC missionary, we had a rule not to say that). You should always continue your mission and just keep on going and progressing. :)

Love you all,
Sister Powell

From Alex

Gente, I am in Bahia! haha Abrantes is everything that you have ever heard about Bahia. Hammocks,parties, and pretty much everything else. It is so different then anywhere I have ever been. It is beautiful and full of history. For instance, it has the ocean and its surrouned by sand dunes. It has trees with every fruit of everykind. The history is that you can see the African culture here and the effects of slavery. In one whole lot there is one family but the whole family! And 10 houses one after the other. I love the people here.
My week was interesting. Monday night was my last bus ride back to Salvador and my last little time with Sister Stone. I miss my friend. I feel strange and honestly a little lonely without her. But I love Sister Do Vale! She is from Sao Paulo and super shy. She is so sweet and we are having fun! We are going to work super hard. She is super cool and is so willing to learn which is good bc I am too!
But back to my week. We ended up eating at burger king (heaven) and waited for our new companions. When they came I went to my new area. Which I am in love with, Its a little cramped (the city) but its like 20 min from Salvador which is way cool and close to the beaches.
This week was a weird one for me and I really dont remember a lot of it. haha but we are teaching a lot of good people. And our ward is AMAZING! The church has only been here for 5 years and its already a ward! Our chapel is the coolest part though... ITS OUTSIDE!!! We had sacrement with the birds and trees. Its so cool. I am so excited to be apart of the ward. Sunday was for sure the best day of the week. I asked one member when we found him on the street if he had any firends we could teach and he took us to 3 families!! Super cool.
You know what I am so thankful to be a mormon. If we live our standards right we are so blessed. Its been really cool being a set apart missionary. You really see the world differently. You see the things that make God sad. President Kimball said "The setting about (of a missionary) may be taking litterally; it is a setting apart from sin, apart from carnal; apart from everything which is crude low, vicious, cheap, or vulgar; set apart from the world to a higher plane of thought and activity. The blessing is conditional upon faithfull performance." Literally I see the world different. I see the love of God and feel apart of his pain. Its going to be weird to step back in the world. Im am glad though that I have the fruit and that I wont be drawn into the world. Even though now the Tree is literally in the great and spacious building I can have the strength with the Lord to be set apart from it. I sure love you! Have a good week and always remember faith is pointed to the future!

Sister Powell

From Alex

First off! Congrats daddy! I am so proud of you :) New Orleans here we come! It will be fun! Im excited.
2nd off! All the sisters are leaving here. It will good. This area really needs priesthood. And I am going to the Abrantes!!! WHOOP! Its on the beach and right next to salvador! And I will be companions with Sister Do vale. (something like that). She has 3 months in her mission. I am excited to be with a new missionary! And Im excited for another transfer! My last one. Ill be honest I cried last night cutting the tabs on my planner. hahaha I dont want to have a last transfer! I really never thought it would come but oh well, life goes on :)
3rd off! This mission is changing, the culture is changing, and my prayers are being answered! You dont know how many nights I have prayered, how many times I have tried to explain, and how many times I have said that the temple is the goal. That we really need to love and to teach these people. Well the new vision for our mission is the temple is the goal. WE have to teach ALL 5 lessons before baptism and so much more! It is so a beautiful thing!  Always stick up for what is right even if you dont see the blessings right away because one day you will!
My week was better then last week. We visited so many members and made so many friends (just in time to leave. haha) We really built the trust in this area. It was way nice! And will help the Elders come in. We did so simply too. 1: We served them. We cleaned the church with them. 2: We visited membes chatted and sang a hymn. 3: We went to the church and visited the youth. 4: We felt the spirit with them. It is so important just to be real. And the miracles follow. If the missionaries are not one with the ward or branch nothing will happen. You will just keep on doing contacts and no real growth will really follow. But gain the trust and you gain the trust of God.
My week was pretty much a member weeek. We worked hard and yeah our members werent the best but we did what the Lord wanted :)
I want yall to know that I know Baptism is the gate, the members are the key, the Doctrine of Christ is the path, and the Atonement is the only way. Be the keys, be the friends, and help the Lord. My only plans I have when I go home is to be the best member ever and help whatever ward I am in. haha I have literally no other plans then this. I love you all so much!
Sister Powell

From Alex

I love beans and rice. SO MUCH! haha It is the weirdest thing ever but I crave them everyday. And when I dont have them I am so hungry! But I am excited to wean myself off of them. haha You know what guys? I love brazil. SO SO much. I love everything about it which makes me know that I am doing what I am supposed to do.
This week was a little hard for me. My body was just lagging, my brain wanted to work but I felt like I had 80 years of life. But it started off awsesome with a PDAY with the Lisonbees and the Assistants. 1st Sister Lisonbee and I did our nails. Which was nice. The littles ladies freaked out at mine. hahaha I will just say it was much needed and met the elders and President at outback (yeah.. I was spoiled) Then we went to see a light house! I love Salvador so much. It is so beautiful and I totally taking you guys one day! It was probably the best Pday ever. I just want oyou guys to know how much I love President and Sister Lisonbee. They are going to work miracles in this mission.
Tuesday I was on the bus all day. It was nice to be by myself (I will not have a problem with that) and to look at brazil. It is so green here! I love it. Plus I got to sit in the front in a seat all by myself :) Happy day. haha
And then Started my 5th trio. I am still with Sister Stone but now we have Sister McKenzies companion too Sister Reis. I love them both but we were super drained this week and kinda just went through the motions. Its really weird being here without Sister McKenzie and I miss my friend  but I love these Sisters so much! We are really working hard though at working at having a relationship with our branch. Soo we went to institute and seminary with our investigators and are really thinking of more ways. We need the confidence of our branch which they dont really seem to trust missionaries that much but we will get it :) Plus we want to get them on board with the churches new vision on missionary work! My dream is that missionaries will never have to track ever! haha I know one day that will happen!
I know that miracles are going to happen this week! I feel so much better and like I have so much more energy! Next week starts my last transfer :O loco! But thats okay bc I am excited for the future! For this next transfer and after! Because faith is always pointed towards the future! I am nervous to leave Sister Stone though. She is my bf and angel! But it will be good! Love you!
Sister Powell

From Alex

I can honestly say that I have had the strangest, longest, most spiritual, stressful week of my life. But I am so thankful for the week I had.

It started off as you know with Sister McKenzie being sick. Super sick actually. It also started off with the best lesson that I have ever had on my mission and I totally followed the spirit.

Then it happened (which I can not go into detail) but it kinda sounds like this: Running, rain, mud, falling, trying to find a cell phone to call president, to being told to get Sister McKenzie on a bus and get to Salvador. 

So I did that and it was so scary. I was responsible for her and I love her.

It ended with me spending the whole week in the hospital with her and not sleeping for a week. But I am so thankful I was here to help her. I love her so much and I was really filled with God's love for her.

Yesterday she went home (real home). And today I am so tired. But I get to spend the day with President and Sister Lisonbee. So I am so happy and so thankful. I am so thankful that they are our presidents. I love them and I am so glad I got to know them.

I helped someone this week. I could have possibly helped save her life. And I love her so so much. And I know she might never remember this but I don't want her too. Know one will really ever know what really happened but no one needs too. It was my sacred week. And it might have been the only reason I came to Brazil.

I know God lives. I know His plan is perfect and that He gives us the strength that we need to do all things. Trust him, follow the spirit. It will help you and someone else.

Oh, and I love hospitals and I love helping people.

Sister Powell

From Alex

1st updates: Rodrigues is no where to be found.
                   Rodrigo, we taught him so much and then he didnt go to church.
                   Grace and Margareta went to church and loved it!!!
                   All of our less actives went to church :)
                   We went to another church here with an investigator and we are officially welcomed back any time
                     I love cabbage.... and Pancakes dont really work here.
I love sister Felartigas. And apparently I am a perfectionist. haha
Sister Mckenzie was super sick and I learned I am really good at taking care of sick people. haha So we had to work in two areas this week.

So Im writing this on thursday (I write my emails in my journal before) And I have been thinking a lot today (bc Sister McKenzie is sick and someone has to stay in with her) about my companions that I had on my missions. They have been the ones that have really shaped and molded me on my mission. They have been my angels and my bestfriends.I have realized too that I am so different then I used to be. And I want to stay this way. My idea of who I would be near the end is so different. Obedience for me has always been easy but my nature has really changed. Looking back at the start I thought I would be speaking port. perfectly, baptising the whole world and just really being a perfect missionary. Of course I still have three months to improve in everything but my idea of a perfect missionary has changed and the missionary I am becoming I am so proud of. Someone once told me that right when you become the perfect missionary they send you home. But I will never be the perfect missionary only our Savior can be, BUT I have a lifetime to become one which is awesome :)

But back to my comps. I feel like I never talk about them and about how awesome they are! I have been so blessed with amazing companions.
Angel #1: Sister Mann :) I love that sister!!! We were facebook friends actually before the mission so we already knew of each other. But then I sat down my first day in the MTC and saw her name on my envelope and was so relieved :) I rememeber her walking in and we just hugged and hugged and right then I knew she would become my best friend. I can honestly say that we rocked the mtc. She helped me so much there and we learned so much together! She helped me at first here in brazil as well. Even though we have had two complete different missions I am so proud of her and the missionary she has become. She is so funny, spiritual, and a light that really does shine. She is my example and my friend and I am so grateful for her. I hope she knows that.
Angel #2: My Sister Gonzalez. I love her so much. I have thought about her so much throughout my mission and my respect for her has just grown and grown. She was my trainer and sometimes I was so unfair to her. She was there through a lot of my molding process and bc of her I am so different. Sister Gonzalez is so funny and that woman knows how to love and work. She would hop around the bus and talk to every single person on that bus one by one. She would dance, she would comfort random people, and she would show people that she loved them. She loved to walk in the rain and to just really have fun! She is so brave and I learned so much from her. She is my hero and my best friend. I am so glad that God let my have her to learn from. I love her.
Angel #3: My three week angel. Sister Herrera. She was an answer to my prayers. She came right when I needed her. I learned to be bold and to love even my from her. To my she was already a perfect missionary. She knows how to teach and to read the spirit. I dont think I have ever clicked with a Sister Missionary so fast before. And even though she left for peru I learned so much from her in our short time together!
Angel #4: My Millett! I dont think words can describe the love that I have for that Sister. I talk about her all the time. haha She is so perfect! She loves, she works, she laughs, she cries, she is patient, and she sees the best in everyone! I totally miss judged her the first moment we became comps. haha I just remember going to get her stuff and just thinking who is this sister. haha That impression went out the window for sure that night. We had so much fun together and we learned so much together. We went through trials, climbed trials together, and she totes is my bestie! I love her! She has saved me so many times even her in Brazil! She left notes in my BOM that literally whenever I need a friend or love I find one. I forever grateful for her and her example.
Angel #5: My brilliant math major :) Sister Millett and I would have never got anything done without her. She is so brilliant, bright, funny, loving, and organized. Elder Busby once said that he couldnt imagine our companionship without all three of us in it. And it is true it wouldnt have been our trio.  We had so many funny moments with jews and muslims. So many learning experience and we so many spiritual experiences! Sister Nestor knows how to love and she knows how to work one by one. She cares so much and everyone feels that. She would sit down with someone and that person would leave a better person, me included. I learned to give my all and never do anything halfway from her. She is my bestie and I love my Brazilian Sister so much! I know she is rocking it.
Angel #6: Sister Casperson. My Nerdy and absolutly hilerous (i cant think how to spell that) cookie lover angel! Sister Casperson at first glance is this serious sister missionary but then you sit down and she just saus the funniest things ever! She loves star wars (she even owns a light saver) and she is such an awesome teacher! The elders and I loved to watch her during street sweeps. I felt so comfortable with her. We would walk forever in silence and feel fine with it. haha she brought my relaxed side out and I love her so much!!
Angel #7: My beautiful 2 week companion. My 1st brazilian, Sister De olivera! I love her and I am so sad she was with me when I was sad. I will always remember how protective she was and how much she wanted to help me. One time on the bus she looked at me and said that she wanted to be friends and that she loved me and she did. I felt the love from my savior at that time and even though I dont know a lot about her I love he so much.
Angel #7: Sister Villaroman- the longest comp I have had here in brazil. She really did help me alot and we had so many funny times here in Brazil. We were together during the hottest season and one of my most growing experiences. I really learned a lot from her about how to teach and how to work hard. And we loved killing mosqitos together. haha She is an awesome women and I am so grateful for the time we had.
Angel #8: My Saneski. hahahaha SHE is so funny! She loves soups, acadija, and pretty much food in general. She was always giving gifts and she is so loving! She felt the spirit so strong too and never liked to give up on people! I feel bad that she was with me during my hospital experiences but so grateful as well!
Then I had my weird transfer without really companions but I did have one week in my international trio with Angels number 9 and 10! I love Sister Deringer and Varela! Sister Derringer brought my funny side out again and Sister Varela and so much faith that I would get better! I love them both!
Angel #9: B. Souza I was with her after my foot got better. I love her! We worked so hard together and saw so many miracles in our four weeks together! Let me tell you that sister can talk! haha But she has a heart full of gold and we had just had fun together. We saw miracles and trusted in God. It was really just 4 weeks of happiness with her :)
Angel #10: Sister Stone :) I love her so much!!! She has saved me here in Brazil. We are sooo obedient, we work hard, and we are seeing so many miracles!! I wish I could be a better companion for her and help her more with port. But I know I am with her for another reason then that. She is so funny, she learns so fust, and loves more then anything! I dont think I have ever met a more giving person. I wish I was more like her! We laugh so much and we really are seeing sooo many miracles! I am so thankful for my New Yorker. I love her!
So there are my angels (and I have so many more). I love them and really a book could go to each one of them. God really does place us with who we need to be with.

I love you! I love this work!
Sister Powell

From Alex

So next week I will email the normal time :) But we wanted to know where the cheaper and faster email is! haha
There is a quote that I love it says "The Lord needs you on a mission but perhaps even more important you need a mission for yourself.It is there you feel and understand the lessons you need to be a good husband or wife, a good parent, and an outstanding member of the church."
You guys I realized something yesterday!! I am going to be an AWESOME member! hahaha (not to be prideful of anything) Its just because I know how too! I know how to be a visiting teacher, I know how the church runs and it really is all thanks to NYC! Thank you New York :) Yesterday was the 1st time I went to a leadership meeting in brazil! (I cant remember what that is called in english, or in port.) hahaBut I gave them so many ideas! I told them anout Vision, Goals, and plans. I told them how we should have a focus family! I told them that we should make baptism and reactivation goals together and it blew their minds. haha They were so excited! This really is the step to working together. It makes me so happy inside! I feel like I am helping now. We are also making a good doc to help themknow what we are doing. To let them know who is less active and who lives where. It is such a miracle! I am so grateful for my time in NYC;
So yeah, I am a little excited. haha
Updates on Rodrigas- We cant find him... But I think he is traveling.
We had an awesome week! We had a zone conference with our new mission president. I. LOVE. HIM!!! He is an answer to my prayers for this mission. His name is President Lisonbee and him and his wife are the cutest things. I wish I had more time with them! I just know miracles will happen here! I had a good long talk with him and he said that the church made a new rule where missionaries have to start teaching ALL 5 lessons before baptism. And he said he is going to make us do this because we will be a PMG mission :) Which makes my heart sing. He kept on making me do things in front of everyone. haha which normally doesnt make me nervous but i dont like talkingin front of huge crowds in port. Oh well :) He totally has the churchs new vision about missionary work! He kept on talking about how the temple is the goal :) Miracle!
But really our week was good! Everything happened that needed to happen! We saw people we needed to see and we followed the spirit! We went to a wedding and sang 1000 years. Haha we skooped water out of the baptismal font because it wasnt draining and helped the sisters have a wonderful baptism for someone who has been waiting for a year to be baptised!! The baptism had such a strong spirit!! And it was a PMG baptism :)
Everyone pray we talk to rodrigas!
Miracles are going to happen this week!!
Keep on smiling!
Sister Powell

From Alex

Oi lindos! How are you?  My week was interesting to say the least but   fantastic as well! We have had HUGE miracles! This week made me so happy!
So first off Edison didnt end up moving which makes me a little sad but I know that we can think of a way to  help the guy!  And grace didnt move as well.
 Our week really starts off with tuesday we walked and walked  trying     to   run into  less actives or really  anyone but  we didnt. haha ha no one was  in the streets . We did however find an old  folks  home so hopefull y we can  do se rvice there.     But  ou r family home evening made  up for it all! 
wednsday we   had an AWESOME day!   We walked and talked to so many people  and had s o many lessons!   WE had a HUGE miracle on  the way back. We ran in to Rafeal!  He is a man that we fearlessed our first week here and I just felt the spirit so strong with him. and so the next day I was li  k e we have to  go teach hm  today  but we never     got in touch with him. B u t  we did wednsday! and he just  got the restoration perfectly!! It was so awesome! H e  is so p ure in heart!
 Thursday we went to pilar. Which is a city like an half a w ay .   They are a gr oup th ey . A funny s tor y so  we were teaching this lady and the  whole time I thought  she was a less active so I was talk ing abou t how alma saw an angel and all this stuff and a f ter  the membe r to ld us that she was   not a member. hahaha oh well.
 Saturday  we ended up teaching Edivalda and she READ in the  BOM!   That makes me so happy! and we taught rafeal in the rain. haha he was so freezing cold  but  he learned the  sabbath day!

And then he went  to church sunday! YAYYY! And o. .. his name is n o t rafeal its rodrigiz.....  I introdudced   him in priesthood and he went wellll... actually  its rod r igaz. hahaha oops! BUT he loved ch ur ch !  He  s aid he feels like a part of a family! I was so proud of  my   branch ! And they were so excited to see a man! hahaha     
What a miracle! He will be getting b ap t ised at the end of the month!!!!  I lo ve how god m iracles in o u r p ath              :)
 I hate this k e y   b oard.....
 But anyway! I loved this week!  I was so happpy  when a sis ter said that so many people  look up to me here because I am not  mo ved and stand  up for w hat is right.  It made me so ha pp y because hones tly I j us t feel tired. haha She  told me never to change. And  I just know I wont.  I want everyone to   know that I love  God.   I love h im  more then a nything.  I was so sad when a lady gave us a referal this week and then she said she didnt want the family to know it  was her....   It makes me so sad! Share the gospel!!! Dont be ashamed  !  Be bold! We are scared to m uch  about  what they will think b  u t if we  reall  y l ove   the m  we will share the gospel and  even if  they sa y no    th e  y  will st ill want to be our  friends !   This is my only regret thinking that being an example was enough. Part of  b  ei n g an example is opening  your  mo   u th. SO open it and be proud to be a mormon! Do someth ing brave this week! Share the  gospel  and show God you love him.
Sister Powell