Thursday, September 4, 2014

From Alex

Oi! Feliz São João the most crazy holiday in Bahia!! haha Literally it is crazy. That plus the world cup has made for an interesting week. But a good week nontheless. Really though we had so many miracles! I love working with Sister Stone. She is so amazing and makes me better!
We taught so many powerful lessons this week. We are really aiming for it, and even though our numbers are lower we have had way better quality experiences. We are aiming to sit down with people and really teach them which has caused miracles :) Something I have learned is that quality is way more important then quantity and I know I am doing a good job and so does God and that is all that is important :)
From being more diligent and not worry so much about numbers my thoughts have changed. I literally sit at night and walk thoughout the day thinking about what I can change to be better for my investigators, how can I teach this principle better. What questions can I use? I can I help these people better. How can I help Sister Stone and make her feel happy. My thoughts are literally never about me. Not that I have thought about myself a lot in my mission. haha I am just being better about not. And it makes me happy and I am teaching more to what people need.
We have so many new investigators who are pure in heart and families! One is Irmã Domingas, she was the one that who came to church last week and surprised us! She is so sweet. She is very uneducated and learns at a slower pace but she loves so much and ended up going to church again,
Then there is Irmã Estilida  we actually fearlessed her last week and she didnt give us her address but this week we were walking and I saw her little girl and she came up to us and brought us to her mom. We then taught her the first lesson and really emphasised Gods love and the atonement. When we taight her about the BOM I asked her why it was important to know it was true and she said "Well if the BOM is true then this church is Gods church and the right path for me." YAYYYY!!!
Then their is Irma Edivalda. She helped us when we were lost in Bonfim III. We asked if we could come back saturday and she said sure!! So we came back and she has 4 pretty little boys and she is so amazing! She said the same thing about the bom and thanked God in her prayer that He sent us.
Now Grace :) We helped her grandma last week climb some stairs and this week we passed by her and asked if we could teach her. Grace ended up being there. She is 12 and amazing. She just listened so intently. We brought up the BOM and she said they had one and she want and got it and it is so old!! Like 20 years old. A friend of her grandpa gave it to them and next time we are going to teach the mom as well.
Edison is are difficult one. He needs to get married to his girl friend and she doesnt want to. We are really praying for the spirit on this one.
Sunday was kinda sad because a lot of people did not show up to church and we worked so hard to get them they, But I am doing all I can do and God will make up the rest. I just know it. Everyone pray that they will progress! But on sunday a kid who is about to go on his mission gave a talk and it helped me remember something. He said "This people dont need me, they need the gospel and I have what they need." How lucky am I to bring these people happiness and hope! I love it!
Today I start my 2nd to last transfer O.o This scares me. haha I havent had a lot of outward success on my mission which should be easy here in Brazil. I have been doing everything I have been asked to do. I seek to find, teach, and seek to invite others to be baptized. And it just hasnt happened. I seek to be exactly obedient and be a PMG missionary and I know I just have to continue to do my part and have hope and faith that God will place souls in my path as I work diligently. I just want to make God happy, It hurts my heart to see people not progress and not to go forward.
Eu sei que a Igreja Jesus Cristo dos Santos dos Ultimas Dias é verdadeiro. Eu Sei que nos temos o evangelho de Jesus Cristo. Ele vive e nos ama. Ele quer que nos sejamos felizes e viver com ele um dia. Deus deu um caminho para nos. Eu sei que por meio Joseph Smith a Igreja de Cristo foi organizado na terra e também evangelho dele foi restaurado. Temos o sacerdócio aqui e por meio ele temos oportunidade usar a expiração. Eu amo vocês! Sejam felizes! Eu quero que vocês saibam eu oro para vocês cada dia.

Sister Powell

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