Thursday, September 4, 2014

From Alex

I love beans and rice. SO MUCH! haha It is the weirdest thing ever but I crave them everyday. And when I dont have them I am so hungry! But I am excited to wean myself off of them. haha You know what guys? I love brazil. SO SO much. I love everything about it which makes me know that I am doing what I am supposed to do.
This week was a little hard for me. My body was just lagging, my brain wanted to work but I felt like I had 80 years of life. But it started off awsesome with a PDAY with the Lisonbees and the Assistants. 1st Sister Lisonbee and I did our nails. Which was nice. The littles ladies freaked out at mine. hahaha I will just say it was much needed and met the elders and President at outback (yeah.. I was spoiled) Then we went to see a light house! I love Salvador so much. It is so beautiful and I totally taking you guys one day! It was probably the best Pday ever. I just want oyou guys to know how much I love President and Sister Lisonbee. They are going to work miracles in this mission.
Tuesday I was on the bus all day. It was nice to be by myself (I will not have a problem with that) and to look at brazil. It is so green here! I love it. Plus I got to sit in the front in a seat all by myself :) Happy day. haha
And then Started my 5th trio. I am still with Sister Stone but now we have Sister McKenzies companion too Sister Reis. I love them both but we were super drained this week and kinda just went through the motions. Its really weird being here without Sister McKenzie and I miss my friend  but I love these Sisters so much! We are really working hard though at working at having a relationship with our branch. Soo we went to institute and seminary with our investigators and are really thinking of more ways. We need the confidence of our branch which they dont really seem to trust missionaries that much but we will get it :) Plus we want to get them on board with the churches new vision on missionary work! My dream is that missionaries will never have to track ever! haha I know one day that will happen!
I know that miracles are going to happen this week! I feel so much better and like I have so much more energy! Next week starts my last transfer :O loco! But thats okay bc I am excited for the future! For this next transfer and after! Because faith is always pointed towards the future! I am nervous to leave Sister Stone though. She is my bf and angel! But it will be good! Love you!
Sister Powell

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